It was a cold night, on the snowy hill

Where moon slept on the slopes

A lonely hut with a lantern lit….

Stood awake as hope.

There he laid by the window side

With lips  dry and cold,

His big eyes had a gloomy look

Flowing out on the white stones. 

Mom went to bring some milk

From where he doesn’t know,

May from the bar, she went to work

Or from that milky snow. 

Mon says a fairy will come

With all he desired for…

A loaf of bread , a cap that is red,

And a warm bed on the floor.

But when will be her time to come

As he waited for so long…

On this shabby rag ,with a lonely heart

He sang her many songs.

His eyes are falling deep in sleep

With all his might he can’t hold…

Today you come, you lovely fairy

For today he feels so cold

There she comes , his lovely fairy

With a red cap in her hand…

There today she sings for him

With her heavenly merry band

And now he is in her cozy arms

She kissed him on his head,

And now here in this heartless world

There is enough love to spread

There he goes as the gentle breeze

Floating  with the band..

With shinny eyes and  cheerful souls

They go hand in hand.