You Hurt Him

You hurt him

You Hurt Him


It’s so hard to control your emotions when you suddenly feel this pang in your heart and you realize that you’ve destroyed someone.

Stopping the tears from falling down your face is impossible when you remember the time that you left him and you made him realize that he’s not worthy to be loved.

Your hands are becoming sweaty when you become aware of the things you did to him and made him think that he’s so hard to love and understand.

Regrets come rushing in, and you no longer blame him for hurting you but rather blame yourself for hurting him so much.

He gave so much of his time, love, and effort. All you did was asked for more. You were everything to him but everything was not enough for you.

You were so ungrateful and now he’s gone. He’s already with someone who appreciates him and loves him for who he is. You miss him but he’s now with another woman who treats him the way he should be treated.

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