A stormy day,

Wind onto my cheeks,

Rain with hails hi

Lightenings with thunder,

weird clouds,

Sunny day to dark night,

After a long time,

Hoped to meet,

Astonished and confused,

Entered the broken burnt house,

Eyes searched,

Viewed a Corpse,

A sudden tempest hit my heart,

Hands shivered,

Feet felt heavy,

Onto the floor,

Touch bleed you,

Water onto the cheeks,

Might be the rain,

A flash of story in front of my eyes,

The day we met,

The day you confessed your heart

With a symbol of love,

The day I left,


Those petals to ashes,

Heart without noise,

Skin can’t recognise,

Blood with water,

Waiting for response,

Time is passing on,

Days are passing on,

The grown rats

Eating my fingers,

The maggots

Feeding on my flesh,

This heart can’t live without you,

I quit.