Traces of lace cover walkways.

Snow so white it almost blinds us.

You came with a spectacular glow.

I became awed by this splendor.

Everyone was so captivated

by your charm, wit, words.

We wondered if the sun rose

and fell under that magic.

Pure white snow turns gray

from exhaust fumes.

Hardening on roadsides, icy

frost plunge cars into ditches.

Deceived by your wicked smile

and shimmering blue eyes.

Tricked by razzmatazz.  Only mud

and freezing rain lies underneath.

Some thought the fault was mine.

How could this have happened?

There must be something else.

Something I have hidden away.

Caught in claw of memories now,

regretting the trust given to you.

But I will never be betrayed again

even if hell freezes over.