A sunset maze to a wonder,

Infinite feeling of sorrow.

Why do flowers die on summer?

Like fears of a whipping sparrow.

Why do midnight skies cry on dim?

Like loud echoes of nightfall mist.

The breeze point of the scourging scream.

These petals fall down to my fist.

A shattered mirror of the dawn,

Turns paradox of the downfall.

These memoirs of thee are undrawn,

My petals turn to an ashfall.

Every morning raises above them,

I never thought of existence.

A chance of living like a gem,

To make me bloom for my essence.

I never thought of flourishing,

The beauty of thy means of thee.

The ever-mesmerizing swing,

Glowing in shine for me to see.

Words can kill me against my strengths,

But never abandon my grace.

Words can drown me till loss of breath,

But never again in that place.