A Short Story by LouAnn

7:20 a.m in my home, I still making a project of my classmate. I’m getting nervous ’cause it’s already late to go to school. I will be shy for coming late at school. I don’t want that teachers and students talk about me, hear some issue like “She’s the class president but she didn’t follow the rules of our school.”

It’s already time but I am still in my home, making a project but not for me, it’s for my classmate, patiently doing because today is the deadline, I don’t want to do this in classroom because my classmate are noisy. He’s my classmate, seatmate and campus crush in our school. A guy who always ask for my help during difficult times. I have to do his project because I want him to take an exam. I always do my best for him, although I knew to myself that he doesn’t like a simple girl like me.

I’m happy when the project is finish, hurriedly gone home, pass the houseaaaa of my neighborhood, seeing my neighboor listening music, “Bakit nga ba Mahal Kita” by Roselle Nava. 7:30 in my school! I have to hurry. The gate is open, all the students are already inside of the classroom.
Inside the classroom, no teacher, my classmates are noisy. There’s a story at the corner of our room that he has a girlfriend now. My tears started to fall secretly. I sit beside him, I give his project that I made. He smiles and touches my shoulder while he saying “Thank you very much”. That’s the word he always say to me, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” ’cause im dreaming someday that the word he will utter to me is “I love you!”


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