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(this is untitled)

(This is untitled) is an essay written by Ruben and shared via The Ugly Writers under the theme Just Barely for the month of October


I am looking for your presence. The feeling of being away from you is like a deep urge of badly wanting youre attendance. An emptiness and absence of your physical touch drag me to an abyss of longings. The longings that i already have by the time i set foot away from you–but i am not leaving you.

I am hoping for the right time again to see and touch you. I am praying that time would just go swiftly because as of now, i am missing you. I miss every part of you. I miss the caress that bring chills in me. The gentle touch of concern that i feel everytime i feel your palm on my skin. The friction it creates give an introduction to something which both of us happily share. A happiness that never be shown by laughter but by way that only the two of us could only understand. The thing i miss about you.

I miss your stare that melts and give excitement to me. Indeed, eyes are also a best talker, something is said by eyes that mouth seldom do. The conversation that sometimes hard to explain but are easily understood just by simply looking at you. Look at me and i will start to melt. Stare at me and i see the burning sensation which give cringe on every strands of my muscle. Your caress give me chill but your stare heat me up. The thing i miss about you.

I miss your hands that holds me tight. Hands that grip me more and more and never to let go and loose. The security it gives. The satiafaction it offers. The cuddle we have and the embrance we do. Tight yet sweet. Strong yet intimate. The thing i miss about you.

I miss your lips where i felt the heat of your compassion. Passionate as it can get and torridly blazing. It is one thing i keep on recalling. The kindness of it that give warmheartedness in me. An emotional display of diffirent feelings compress together and sealed by it. Your kiss! The thing i miss about you.

I miss your smile that shudder me to surrender to your love. The love i keep on showing you. The love i continuosly display. The love i keep on proving. The love you abundantly giving. The love we are both sharing. The love that we will nourish.

  • Simply! I miss everything of you.

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