The Life Of A Candy Bar

The Life Of A Candy Bar

The Life Of A Candy Bar is a short story written by April Cunic Goodman and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Quell for the month of January


The  Life  Of  A  Candy  Bar 


One day Mrs.Hershey texted her husband, to remind him or their plans for the evening in regards to their anniversary. As her husband was walking home he passed Mrs. Good n Plenti.

“How are your kit kats?”, he asked.

As Mrs. Good n Plenti replied, “Oh they’re getting big and quite the handful. The sitter said they wouldn’t nap for her all day.”

Mr.Hershey replied, “Yes they tend to grow and grow. I have to go big night.”

Almost home, he passed kids playing and wrecking havoc in Mr. Almond Joys yard, though he didn’t seem to joyed. Mrs. Hershey was already home awaiting their evening together and out on the town to Fifth Ave. place.  Tonight they decided to walk home after a starburst dinner. On the way they saw the Milky Way, a Star Crunch, and passed a couple whom Snickers all the time.

Upon arriving home, the neighbors were Reese with argument, the Hershey’s ignored this and skittled to their front door.  Mr. Hershey Babe ruthed the missus all the way into the living room, upon which he made a Fast Break for drinks. As the night went on, they talked, laughed, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  They toffifayed the idea of turning in or watching a show on t.v. then chose to look at the Moon pie and Mars then turn in,  Mr. Hershey gave the Mrs. hershey kisses, two. Although the second wouldn’t yet be known for months. This is a day as a candy bar.

april cunic goodman

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