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Charm, Wit, and Wordplay: Unleashing My Inner Communication Wizard in the AB Communication Program of CEAS

From Wordsmith to Communication Wizard. They say communication is key, but little did I know just how hilarious, relatable, and downright entertaining my journey in the AB Communication Program of the College of Education, Arts, and Sciences (CEAS) would be. From navigating awkward public speaking moments to deciphering the mysteries of mass media, this article will take you on a rollercoaster ride through my unforgettable experiences in the program. Get ready to laugh, relate, and maybe even cringe as we dive into the wittiest and most relatable moments of my AB Communication adventure!


Discovering the Power of Communication:

From the very beginning of my journey, I was captivated by the vast potential of communication. The AB Communication program of CEAS provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various communication theories, principles, and practices. Through engaging coursework, I delved into subjects such as interpersonal communication, public speaking, mass media, advertising, and journalism. These classes not only equipped me with theoretical knowledge but also encouraged hands-on experiences and critical thinking.

Mentorship and Guidance:

Throughout my time in the AB Communication program, I was fortunate to have dedicated and experienced faculty members who served as mentors and guides. They encouraged me to push my boundaries, pursue my passions, and provided invaluable advice and feedback. Whether it was in the classroom, during office hours, or in extracurricular activities, the faculty members of CEAS were always accessible and eager to support my growth.

A Diverse and Collaborative Community:

One of the highlights of my journey in the AB Communication program was the vibrant and diverse community that surrounded me. CEAS fostered an inclusive environment that celebrated different perspectives and encouraged collaboration. I had the privilege of working with fellow students from various backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to the table. This diversity of thought and collaboration enriched my learning experience and broadened my horizons.

Media Mayhem and Pop Culture Prowess:

As a communication student, it was only natural that my journey included a deep dive into the world of media and pop culture. From analyzing the impact of social media on society to dissecting the latest viral trends, the AB Communication program of CEAS made sure we were up to date with all the buzzworthy happenings. I mean, who needs sleep when you’re binge-watching the latest hit TV show or dissecting memes for their hidden meanings? Don’t worry, Mom, it’s all in the name of research!

The Power of Collaboration:

While communication is often associated with individual expression, the AB Communication program of CEAS taught me the importance of collaboration. Whether it was working on group projects or participating in lively class discussions, I quickly learned that the best ideas often emerge from a collective brainstorming session. Plus, there’s nothing quite like bonding with fellow communication enthusiasts over shared struggles, inside jokes, and the occasional impromptu karaoke session. Trust me, when you find someone who can quote your favorite TV show line-for-line, you’ve found a kindred spirit.

The Art of Interpretation: Decoding the Unspoken:

Communication isn’t just about what’s said—it’s also about what’s left unsaid. And let me tell you, the AB Communication program had a knack for teaching us the art of reading between the lines. From decoding subtle body language cues to interpreting the hidden messages in advertisements, we became masters of deciphering the unspoken. Who knew a raised eyebrow or a strategically placed product could reveal so much? We became Sherlock Holmes of the communication world, armed with a magnifying glass and an uncanny ability to uncover the hidden truths.


My journey through the AB Communication program of CEAS has been nothing short of transformative. From discovering the power of communication to gaining hands-on experience, receiving mentorship, and immersing myself in a diverse community, I have grown both personally and professionally. The AB Communication program not only taught me valuable skills but also created a community of like-minded individuals who shared in the laughter, struggles, and triumphs. So, here’s to the ups, downs, and endless possibilities that come with being a part of the AB Communication Program at CEAS. Cheers to embracing the funny, relatable, and oh-so-entertaining journey of becoming a communication wizard!


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