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Water and oil don’t mix.  Not much use trying to fix.

Wordsmithing is a poem written by Mehreen Ahmed and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Owning Your Light

Water and oil don’t mix. 

Not much use trying to fix. 

Determined, not to form a new word out of a suffix. 

To create a poem seamlessly; 

a poet is to transcend, from the mundaneness most likely; 

wordsmithing may take place to one’s fancy.

In a poem contrarily;

the poet then must blend in a hyper-reality; 

as Keats maintains in his concept of ‘Negative Capability.’ 

What’s a poet’s relationship with poetry? 

must it remain separate either oily or watery? 

Or should it choose its analogy? 

Own stance on creativity?

A poet’s relationship with the art,

either fully submerged or in part, 

is incapable of seeing an ingrown wart, 

an outsider of a world of smooth skin swart.

Keats called upon to make amends to such limitations; 

one’s uncertainties; 

oil in water does not blend;

cast doubt on those assumptions;

think of false certainties, and rethink talent and capabilities. 

Where poetic flaws may mirror; 

arrogance not to harbour; 

become the poet’s interlocutor;

the malady’s interpreter.

To make sure pure poetry blooms

be a resident in that one room; 

weed them out, seeds of egotism aside with a broom;

to suspend as a person to a large loom.

Wholeheartedly, to belong to the poem without a pen,

to get wrapped up in the oneness of a poetic bubble den, 

allow poetry to breathe fresh through them;

flourish in wreathe from intrepid mayhem for,

oil in water does not blend,

still, it can bend;

couldn’t a poet mend?

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