Don Herald

Don Herald's fictional characters are often quirky, flawed personalities that come into conflict with loved ones and their community. His memoir pieces frequently describe transition events in his life that most readers have also experienced and may be struggling to understand better. His stories are published in Canada, the United States and the UK

Mavericks’ Challenge

the ugly writers
The sound is deafening, like a 747 screaming toward take-off. Slashes of cold water spit high into the air, needle-pricks on my face, salt washing into my eyes. I struggle to keep my focus on the board tip in the boiling, hissing blue-green crest.

Code Breaker

the ugly writers
PK hadn’t slept much in the past few days. Might even be longer, but he wasn’t sure. Not that he cared. No, sir, this pill stuff had to be solved right soon so he could get on with the mission.

Sharp Edges

the ugly writers
You ever held something with sharp edges? You know, edges and angles so rough that if you rub them too hard it hurts, might even cut you.