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Sharp Edges

You ever held something with sharp edges? You know, edges and angles so rough that if you rub them too hard it hurts, might even cut you.


You ever held something with sharp edges? You know, edges and angles so rough that if you rub them too hard it hurts, might even cut you.

When you hold it, you know you really have to be careful. But you just can’t help yourself. It’s really all about those jagged edges. You just have to touch them. Once. Twice. Many times. Admittedly, it’s the sharpness you enjoy. As if you’re almost daring them to cut you. Maybe even make you bleed.

Well, it’s exactly the same kind of thing with me and this purple stone I’m holding in my hand. It has several sides. Many years ago they were jagged edges, freshly broken off a purple crystal somewhere along a Lake Huron beach. Over the years, the waves and sand have worked on it. Continually polishing those hard, sharp parts. Now, it’s smooth as glass.

The purple stone always reminds me that while it doesn’t seem like it at the time, the sharp parts of my life will smooth out. Everything will become beautiful again.

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So what am I saying to you? Yes, there will always be tough times in your life. Lots of stuff in your life will have sharp edges, edges that if you keep touching them, keep bumping into them inside your thoughts or imagination – well, you’ll hurt yourself.

But I know that try as you might, you just can’t stop working the edges, rubbing them with your body, with your thoughts. Even in your dreams, you work them over.

We’re always cutting ourselves on the sharp edges of the tough stuff in our lives.

A long time ago, someone gave me this stone. Back then it was just a token between two people who were no longer lovers.

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered. “But it wasn’t always this way. You must see it as a promise stone. It’s me promising to remember you. Forever, for always. It’s me promising you that our sharp edges with each other – well, they too shall pass.”

Today, I keep that stone right here in the watch pocket of my jeans. Sometimes when life is tough, I take it out. Just to feel the round smooth edges up against my fingers.

You know what? It still whispers to me – ‘This too shall pass. I promise you.’

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Don Herald's fictional characters are often quirky, flawed personalities that come into conflict with loved ones and their community. His memoir pieces frequently describe transition events in his life that most readers have also experienced and may be struggling to understand better. His stories are published in Canada, the United States and the UK
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