Dana Trick

First generation Mexican-Canadian-American and occasional lover of skulls and books, Dana Trick lives in Southern California where it is clearly foolish to wear black any day but she does it anyway. When she isn’t being a historian, Dana Trick spends her days writing emotional poems and weird stories, and drawing comic strips that she thinks are hilarious. She enjoys learning about the history and the various mythologies of Latin America and Asia, but her interest is mainly on the history of autism, which she has. Her work has been published on Art of Autism, the Lothlorien Poetry Journal, DeviantART, and The Ugly Writers. She wishes the reader a nice day.

We Are Queer Geese

Our honks and hiss transform Rebellious riots into pride parades, Peer-pressure shame into defiant love, Fragile weakness into gorgeous strength.

A Minotaur Life

the ugly writers
Under the weight of a free and wild world That I could run away to. But that day could never come sooner.