​Paid Apps are usually frowned upon. Especially here in the Philippines, paid apps are a luxury. But if you are the kind where you make the most of your devices’ functionality, these apps will be a good addition to your app drawer.

  1. PrinterShare

PrinterShare cuts the cord between your printer and your personal computer (but please don’t take it literally). With the recent addition of Google Cloudprint support, this app works perfectly despite the Froyo-Jelly Bean interface.

Premium allows for unlimited prints. That alone is worth the investment.

2. Moon+ Reader Pro

This is THE iBooks for Android, but better! Multiple view options, Night mode and Text to Speech are only some of the best features of this amazing ebook reader. The only downside is the ads, hence buying the premium is actually a good move if you are a hardcore book afficionado.

3. Find my iPhone for Android

The difference in ecosystem (OS) no longer hinders us to actually check on our relatives’ ios devices (even our own). This ubiquitous app actually works and being able to register multiple iCloud accounts is a feat!

4. Split Screen Functionality with OfficeSuite and WPS Office

Yes, I know using OfficeSuite Pro is a no-brainer, and WPS Office is free.

Making use of LG’s Split Screen feature, work with multiple word, excel or powerpoint documents simultaneously!

This post will be updated regularly. Feel free to request apps for test-run and I’ll try my best to feature it here.


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