(Find Time To) Break Up With Yo...

Posted on April 5, 2017, by Kora Kaaghaz Find Time To Break Up With Yourself You might have been in many relationships in your life. However, there’s none more dysfunctional, depressing, agonizing and sometimes, more harmonious, then the one between your head and your heart! We all have those quiet times when we sit alone, […]

Why I Adore My Married Life

I was branded the black sheep of the family. Like Marisse from Harping by a Pixie, I loathe family gatherings, our yearly reunions that suck the life out of me for a day, social parties that revolve around who is now earning more and the numbing wakes and funerals I am “required” to attend because people […]

DOTA2 All Star Weekend

DOTA 2 All Star Weekend Is Coming Your Way! Mall of Asia Arena Friday, October 13, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 2017 MANILA – Manila has been selected to host DOTA ALL STAR WEEKEND. The Manila Invitational will take place on Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 15th at the Mall of Asia Arena. The […]

K-Pop Republic 2

K-POP REPUBLIC 2: BEYOND THE USUAL K-POP CONCERT This festival’s name is familiar to K-Pop fans in the country as it was first held last September 2013 with iconic acts such as SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet as part of the lineup. K-POP Republic is finally returning this 2017, bigger and better, an event K-POP […]

Turmoil To Tenderness

Alessia Tono paused on the long stretch of boardwalk, the soft sand delicately splayed across the wooden slats tingling her bare feet, remnants of the typical windswept nights of East Hampton. She breathed in the scent of the early-morning salt air from the ocean just beyond the steps leading down to the desolate beach. Turning […]

Damn That Mother Chucker –...

First things first, thank God Jenny Humphrey finally left the show at some point. Yes, it was inevitable, but she was the most problematic hoe I’ve ever had to put up with. And to be frank, I didn’t see why the viewers needed another girl who wanted to be apart of the “it crowd” when […]

The Ugly Side of Blogging

You think writing is all bells and whistles? You’re wrong.  This is the Ugly Side of Blogging.  Some of you guys and gals reading this are probably site owners yourself, or have been following us on The Ugly Writers wordpress reader feed on the WordPress app. I can’t think of any reason for you not […]

Why we write ugly

Writing has always been a reflection of one’s self. Writing ugly doesn’t necessarily mean one has poor writing skills or is uneducated or unlearned. Instead, writing ugly means that the writer ignores any semblance of form and reason, of aesthetics, and just goes to convey what he/she truly believes in.  Writing ugly is when the […]

PHSA Scholarship

WHO WANTS TO STUDY ART FOR FREE? Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA)’ Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholar (ANSYAS) 2017 WHAT: A full scholarship in high school with a special curriculum in the arts comes with free tuition fee, board and lodging (with weekend home leave with the parents or with a […]

Super Hero

​Maybe we really are not bound to fly. But nobody said our spirit cannot soar high. When I was a kid, I’ve always thought I could fly (I was a very imaginative kid back then). I emulate my favorite super heroes. I thought that I could be a super hero, fighting bad guys, helping the […]

Be Kind to Yourself

by Joan Rostata

THE GOOD LIFE: The Philippines’...

The Good Life: Summit and Expo