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Proof of Life

the ugly writer

I’m stressed but read on to know why. And oh, this is my proof of life! I’m stressed out of my mind! Oops. Let’s rewind for a bit and let me start from the beginning. It has been almost six…

Rollercoaster and Diabetes

the ugly writers
I was at an all-time high when I noticed my wife’s discomfort when sleeping as she was feeling a little pain in her back

Five Ways to Save Money

I have monetized all of my passion currently but the money flow can be tricky. I have learned to balance the incoming and outgoing money trail.

Money Matters

What happened was I had an epiphany and was able to rewire my brain with regards to my finances and income generation.

Enjoying life on a tight budget

the ugly writers
With all the payables that we have after moving in to our new home, there are certain luxuries that we just have to skip. We get fewer outdoor adventures and going to the mall is now subject for debate. Nonetheless, we try to keep ourselves entertained as we try to maintain our sanity despite the new challenges of owning our own property. Fortunately, the pandemic lessened our choices and actually made us think of more practical ways to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Our Journey To Our New Home

the ugly writer
This made me realize we are not prepared for this investment. I was not ready at all. But I don’t want to disappoint both myself and my wife so I thought, we gotta do this because we’ve come so far already.

Life After Therapy

Aside from my rekindled passion for photography, and mingling with fellow hobbyists, I also found yet another valuable website that helped me get by my newly improved right arm functionality.

Life of working from home

To be honest, I can no longer remember the time when I stressed myself out in commute to work. Add the fact that stress from actual work is a totally different story. All I know is that I dreaded going to work. I dreaded heading out, battling it out with fellow commuters, only to be bombarded with work when I get to my work area.


the ugly writers
Ever felt that you hit rock bottom? It's all about the feeling of being stranded. 

All Filipino

To kick-off the first theme for 2020, we would like to go back to our roots and display the uncanny talents from our homeland. All Filipino.