​Time is fleeting… 

The exact words ring truth. 

Because losing a loved one when you least expect it will make you regret every single time you didn’t say I love you. 

You’ll regret the time when you partied and dated and forgot to call or text. 

You’ll regret chances when you could’ve made her happy.  Alive. 

You’ll regret you weren’t on her bedside on her dying breath. 

Because we can be a dick when we could’ve been an angel to them and we’ll eventually regret it as long as you live.  It’ll eat you up.  And spit you down. 

You’ll regret having been cold when she was trying to be sweet. 

You’ll regret giving up on her when the thought didn’t cross her mind. 

You’ll regret the time that fleeted when you could’ve spent more time with her. Time you won’t be able to take back. 


theuglywriter is like water. Put water into cup. Water takes the shape of the cup. Put water into bottle. Water takes the shape of an effin bottle.



This article titled Fleeting hits us with the reality that everything nor everyone in this world won’t be permanent. The only thing that we could do is to appreciate, enjoy and spend time with it so that when the time comes that one person left us, we can say to ourselves that the time we have spent with him/her is worth keeping and remembering.

Vincent Raymond Fernandez

Vincent Raymond Fernandez
CIV162 Art Appreciation MQ2 MOMENT

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