a million pieces

a million pieces By Nathalie Atienza

a crack.

as i see
the mug of coffee


for the last time
your lips touched the rim

a fissure.

as i realize
how unfair
the stupid coffee mug
bears your
last imprint
your last

a crash.

as my heart

like the mug
i threw
against the wall

a million tiny pieces
never to be
put back together.

A million pieces

By Nathalie Atienza




it's no fun writing pretty.

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  1. Wow, truly this is written so deep. I like how you were able to rhyme your thoughts to your words. The poem is really interesting as well and very nice. Yes, the pieces might not able to put them back together, but after the broken pieces, there will always be learning that we can get and this will lead us to become more understanding.

  2. You should! And i’m old, married and busy with work but I try to make time to write for myself. If you happen to do, send it at uglywriters.com/submissions ❤

  3. what a nice and creative peace.. well just like every relationship.. when the trust is broken.. you can never fix it back and sometimes, it also shatters into pieces and there is no other way to bring them back to its real form… sad but true

  4. I wish I could be talented enough to write poems. I guess it’s a gift, you need to fell it to write so beautiful. I can read the helplessness and anger in your lines.

  5. Wonderful piece. It’s artsy yet heartbreaking. It’s been so long since I last composed a poem and someone composed it for me. Great job!

  6. This post made me remember my last break-up 10 years ago. Yes, once scattered it cannot be put back together. 🙂

  7. THAT WAS VERY DEEP. Short but it can really strike through the heart. I remember, I also used to write poems. I put all my feelings to it, making it really sad. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem!

    ♡ Aica B.

  8. It’s amazing how a cup of coffee gave you so much ideas that were turned into a masterpiece. I am also a poet and I do appreciate this kind of art…

  9. Such melancholy. I´ve always had same thoughts but never written a poem. It all starts with a crack and lead to breaking. Yes, shattered but there´s beauty in being broken.

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