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Other Guy: Fictional Maybe

…I want to take care of my baby, I want to be a father to my son. I want to dance around hoping for my girl to fall into deep innocent slumber. I want to kiss my girl’s forehead with the intentions of seeing her later that day.

I want to take care of my baby

You don’t know me, I believe you are getting to know me. You don’t get me, I assume you are trying to deal with that. We were glued to each other but yet so far away from the shores of affection. We pedaled simultaneously from the opposite edges like it’s our duty to keep the natural balance. Others hear of how good sacrifices could be but we are living sacrificial lives, but we both understand sacrifices only triggers a chain of reactions that favors our loved ones and hurt us more – one thing I don’t still get is why we are this hurt.

I want to be a father to my son

Last month at the range I thought of making myself a target for my pistol Glock-18 just so I don’t get to admire my needs from afar but I realized that would be an ultimate sacrifice but for who – or for whom? Can’t stop thinking about your premonitions, your imaginations of microwaving set of cutlery with you locked in a closed space. Don’t you feel these are too much for death recipes – thought we were made for each other, why are we trying so hard not to be with each other?
Yeah less I forget, Kevin crossed the line when he told you I was too good for you, even though you know what he said was true – it’s not his place to reiterate the obvious. Believe me, he caused more harm to me that he did for you.

I want to dance around hoping for my girl to fall into deep innocent slumber

So I have decided we take a long trip to the horizons, some place where we can have our lunch at night with nobody dictating the course. I have come to realize that only us can decide what next and if we don’t take up the true essence of our living, we will end up living for people. We will know the pain and only tell stories of how happy others are. Every good thing we know might end up coming from coincidence.

I want to kiss my girl’s forehead

Funny how we got it all figured out in our heads but feel we a restricted yeah – by what, I don’t know. We know what we want, we know where to go, we can do whatever we like but we care about what they feel. Now we see glamour but we ain’t got none. The good thing is we are still too young to give up and yes way too young and blessed to live by sacrifices.



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