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All of us have a story of greatness. Inspiring stories of a remarkable show of character is what April is all about.

Help inspire others by sharing such stories, essays or poems this coming month at TUW. Share your INNER STRENGTH at

Continuing what Me, Myself and I have started, Inner Strength will continue to showcase ordinary people’s thoughts.

Like Me, Myself and I, the theme Inner Strength features thoughts by everyday people like you and me. You could not imagine how creative and vibrant the minds of these seemingly normal individuals. And that is what makes us The Ugly Writers. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to share their thoughts. We allow ourselves to be surprised and enchanted by these people.

Here are some of the articles in store for you this month.

the ugly writers

Soft but Tough by Grace Joy Labayne

the ugly writers

Fruit of Hardship by Shaivie Javier

the ugly writers

Last Night by Dana Aliganga

the ugly writers

Dancing Through The Rain by Keycie Ann Arevalo

the ugly writers

My Mission by Micca Ella Tuiza

the ugly writers

Own who you are by Glaiza Gangan

In addition, another benefit of submitting an entry on our site is our humble Domain Authority rank for a literary site (it’s tough to build one with short stories and poetry)


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