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Me, Myself and I

The things I am are, All part of me. If they weren't there, Who would I be?

Editor’s Notes:

To wrap-up the theme, Me, Myself and I, here is kamiela’s The Thing I Am which we renamed to Me, Myself and I for a touch of drama. A little back story about this piece, the contributor has a twin sister. ‘Nuffsaid. 

Me, Myself and I (The Things I Am)


There are many things inside my head.

I don’t know who really I am.

If I’m just the other twin,

or I am the twin alone.

Can I not just be one,

and not be considered as two?

Or should I be two always,

so I won’t feel like one.


It’s a quiz between me, myself and I.

A puzzle that will take long,

A broken piece to put together.

A battle that I shall win.


But I am different,

things I am and things I am not.

I will never be whole,

without us two, together.



The things I am are,

All part of me.

If they weren’t there,

Who would I be?


The things I am are,

All unique.

They’re all in me and

Can be seen.


The things I am are

Special, yes.

They explain all about me,

And not of you.


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