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First Thing that Comes in Your Mind

What if you forgot all of your memories with that one person you love/loved, all gone, and then you got a chance to have one memory to remember. What is that time/part/moment of your life with that person that you want to remember?

I have surveyed 10 people and asked them the question via Facebook Messenger. 6 of 10 answered me and below are their answers but let’s make them anonymous for their own privacy.

Those where the time when they felt special. The moments that first come to their mind when they read the question are the moments that they will never forget. It will always be in their hearts, and though the time comes, those are the moments they will go back to and remember.

‘Oh yes, I loved that person.’

‘I have no regrets that I met that person.’

‘I will never forget the fact that I loved that person.’


‘Thank God, I didn’t let that person go. I will love that person forever.’

‘I will treasure every moment with them.’

No one can take those moments away from us. They are engraved on our hearts. Whatever happens, even it doesn’t go longer than we expect, knowing that we felt loved and happy, knowing that God gave a gift and we learned from it, we will always be thankful.

I will never forget that time when we danced the night away. That time when it was only you and me, heart to heart, no words exchanged. When I was clinging to you, and our hands were intertwined. It is already engraved in my heart and I will wait for the time when I let you go completely and with all of my feelings, but that moment will stay for the rest of my life.

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