What Nine to Five is

What Nine to Five is

A small voice in the wilderness. Some poems don’t come easy. Fight to stay sane. This is a public proclamation.

What a dark and frozen demeanor he put forward.

When the beard comes in the poet is hidden.

Christmas lights detach.

Inconsistent discipline.

Not so polarized.

An ancient prototype leader. Proud to partner with.

Little-understood guest. Charity of the month.

Total broadcasting message. After euphoria.

Fill the emotional trunk. A relationship based on conditions. Her. Contusions. Him.

Habitats to protect us. No one understands the dedication to the things you love.

– How Sheik –

I admonished her to heal me, but instead

I was kicked. Pretty cool boasting rights. Made easy to remember. Overcome by tradition.

A holistic approach. Memorial slide carousel.

Go right into being apologetic. Spoiling the soft tissue.

True value cannot be free. Sold a bill of goods.

Even the stub of a cigar has a past.

A rough go of it. She may be a novice.

New request for me to care again.

A lonely kid aloft in fantasy, take my word for it.

– Extol A Price –

Many fake smiles passed the evening, none larger than mine. It is sixty-nine degrees outside.

Does it swell in the moonlight? Clamoring for audio.

Writing gives me the opportunity to explain myself properly.

Deadly and deliberate. You weren’t invited on the paper. They look like good people.

It leaves me with a lump in my throat. An imagined horror. If you scream into the wind,

will it deliver a message to your past?

– Leave Lines –

Feeling sick and always out of sorts. Segregated by something, somehow. An amateur

hunchback. A small voice in the wilderness.

Some poems don’t come easy. Fight to stay sane.

This is a public proclamation. Every day doesn’t rain.

Empathetic work they did. You must speak clearly.

I try but the snowy whiskers fill my mouth.

Not everyone needs a voice.

I stare into a mirror and see a friend was murdered.

Stick up for the train wrecks.

Forget about the statistics, nobody can agree on them.

– Manage Every Scene –

An absurd appetite spewing a ghostly paste.

Put miles on my tracker. Petri dish art.

caring and cruelty are one in the same.

You can enjoy a rainbow without penetration.

Like sitting for a great master.

I wish I was included more. Apply for acceptance.

Retreat out of the circle. I shut down,

I froze. Poison the weeds.

Despite multiple protests. A laugh full of cottonwood.

A summer diagnosis: Tourette’s.

One thing that I found. Love is a puncture from a rabid tooth.

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