A Letter To The Heart Reserved For Me

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letter to the heart reserved for me


To the heart reserved for me,

I know that wherever you are right now, you are enjoying your life. I bet that you are in a relationship with someone you love, or having fun with your friends, or making your parents proud, or maybe you have priorities than meeting me, but whichever, I wish that you are happy right now.

You are the heart reserved for me, but I want to tell you that I mistakenly thought your heart was somebody else a hundred times. I thought it was your heart that made me feel hurt but t’was somebody else’s. I thought that it was your heart that made me feel happy. But I was lucky to think that it was yours because now I know who you really are, things that you are capable to do, and how lucky I am to know that I will be loved by you.

I want to tell you that I, too, have flaws and insecurities, just like you. I want to love your own flaws and perks, all the things I will only discover. I want to tell you that I already encountered too many dramas in life, problems I’ve solved, subjects I’ve failed, goals I’ve achieved and everything in between, by the time I met you. I want you to share all the scars and cries, laughs and pouts, sobs and hugs, faith and trust in you.

I won’t let your world orbits mine. I want us to grow apart and beside each other. I want to be your best friend and your lover. And once I held your hand, in the sweetness of cakes, in ups and downs of roller coasters, I will hold your hand and I will never let you go.

I know that God is the One who will bring us closer to each other, and if we bump to each other someday, or if already had a glimpse of your face, or we ran to each other accidentally, or walk past to each other,


I will know that it is you,


Because you are the heart reserved for me.


I am blessed to finally meet you.



You said.


I am blessed to finally meet you, too.


I smile.



The one who writes anonymously.

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Ely James Bala

Nicely done in making your article to relate them

Jierecha Delantar
Jierecha Delantar