The one who writes anonymously.

Looking Down On Me

the ugly writers
Maybe the moon is looking down at me Convincing to be radiant as I can be Asking me to never take a rest And keep on doing my best


the ugly writers
"Change is the only thing in this world that is constant," they say. For me, it's human nature, or our nature, to outgrew on things that we used to love—of course, barbie dolls.


the ugly writers
Someday, you will feel that it's right. It's finally right. You will find peace, happiness, and contentment. You will stop looking for that one thing that you've been looking for because it doesn't need to be found, it is you.


the ugly writers
I may look like someone who already lived a whole life. I may look like someone who knows everything because I can tell you those things, but it's because I also use those words to be motivated every day.

Countless Possibilities

the ugly writers
We have countless possibilities. Different destinies, different endings. Countless choices, countless results. We get bad decisions in life that we can't turn back to change, instead we face the consequences and live with it.

I’m already NINETEEN

the ugly writers
Bully as much as you want, 'Cause, I still won't hide that fact, that I am already Nineteen, and I am 4'11.