Countless Possibilities

We all get to that point where we only have to choose between two things. Two choices that when you chose the other one instead of the another, you will just have to deal with it. You will just have to face what will happen and accept the consequences.

I watched Bandersnatch on Netflix weeks ago. It’s about a boy who made a game where the player gets to choose between two choices and have his own different ending. But, us, the one who watches, gets to pick our own choice and have a different ending, too. In my case, I didn’t get a good one. I don’t know if it’s me who’s at fault or the movie (laughs). I chose the wrong one leading me to go back again and choose the other one I didn’t pick. It was stupid, I must say, but the movie is not the point.

It’s me.

How will I know I’m choosing the right one?
What if the movie does go back and I can change my decision?
What if I can change my mistake and the movie continues? Will I have a good ending?

Sometimes, we prefer to pick between two choices when we have too many. Sometimes, we prefer not to have choices, but having nothing to pick is a choice too. Let’s not limit our choices.

There is no right choice or right path for everything. It’s like we are standing inside a maze. We don’t know which way to go, if we should go to the left or the right. We don’t know what will be in front of us until we picked between the two. But, it’s not about the choices. It’s not about what will happen when we made a choice. It’s the process of choosing. The ways on how we will choose that choice.

I know how it’s so hard, standing and thinking about the decision we have to make. Even The Avengers had only one possible win in 14,000,605 futures and if they did a wrong decision, the Earth will be on the hands of Thanos.

We have countless possibilities. Different destinies, different endings. Countless choices, countless results. We get bad decisions in life that we can’t turn back to change, instead, we face the consequences and live with it.

We should just have to learn from what had happened and live in the present. We should just need to know what’s the best choice to have the best ending.

You will know that you picked the right one when you felt that it’s right.


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