Everything Changes

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the ugly writers

You can’t expect anyone to be what they are today for ever. As the world shifts and changes, everything changes as well as everyone as we speak. We choose to do this, we choose where to go, we choose who are we going to be, because we choose and that’s why we change.

If only we don’t, right? Maybe I am still that little girl who doesn’t know how to cook, to dress up, to be sociable, to love, to hate and is clueless right now. But I chose to learn, I chose to be who am I right now.

I chose to care.

I chose to say those words.

I chose to love you.


I choose now to be careful.

I choose now to love myself more.

I choose now to close my heart,

for now.

So don’t expect that I am still that girl you let go.


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Cherry Teraytay

The author wants to tell about a girl who chose to be who she really was. And change everything because for her everything changes.

Aaron Saplagio

Everything changes. That’s a reality that we people should know how to accept. There’s no constant thing in this world it’s because everything changes, The only thing that doesn’t change is the love of God for us. As the days, months or years passes by we are all changing. It’s because we learn from our mistakes, being conscious about our self-worth, and knowing how to make ourselves a better person. But then, It is up to you whether you’ll change for good or worse. People might judge you because on how you’ve changed but still It’s your decision and each… Read more »

Adrian Albos

Everybody/Everything changes. Change can often be a difficult thing for everyone to accept. No matter how big or small, sadly many of us fear it.