Understanding Yourself

Five Ways to Understanding Yourself

There has been a lot of science regarding understanding one's self. From biological science to social science, the concept has enticed a number of philosophers across time. And it has both eluded and enlightened them.

What’s the point of knowing yourself? What happens next if you do? Will you change for the better?

There has been a lot of science regarding understanding one’s self. From biological science to social science, the concept has enticed a number of philosophers across time. And it has both eluded and enlightened them.

Here are five ways for us to understand ourselves better:

I. Reflect.


Reflect. You’ve probably been self-aware for years now, but you would need physical data to go with some basic analysis. Write a blog or a journal. Writing helps record changes within you that go unnoticed. The small details matter. Having actual evidence helps in justifying the change you undergo. As they say, the best person to notice changes within you is yourself. So start writing.

II. Communicate.


Not all of us have the time to record every slightest detail that happens. Heck, we can’t even be bothered to stop and jot notes even on our daily commute. Talk to a friend. Have him/her analyze you. That friend doesn’t have to be present in every big event in your life. It is actually encouraged that you talk to someone who you haven’t seen for a while. It makes analyzing you more deliberate and obvious (for their part).

III. Know Your Likes and Dislikes.

Likes and Dislikes

Scrutinize your current preference. Why do you suddenly like listening to songs by Silverchair or Adelle? When did you stop drinking milk? Being aware of the choices you make and its repercussions make for a very good case study. Every likes and dislikes are little puzzles that define who we are. Start building that puzzle.

IV. Take Risks.

take risks

We will never know our full potential, or even limits if we won’t take risks. Taking a gamble provides us with an idea of our threshold. This threshold will be our savepoint. We must continually try to take risks to know ourselves better. You wouldn’t realize how much you will actually like that spicy chicken biriyani or that awful smelling shawarma unless you try.

V. Have a goal.

Have a goal

Setting a goal will allow you to have a definite direction. It may come as a career goal or even a daily goal you can pursue on short periods of time. Start working on that novel you keep neglecting. Be a bae and continue studying the Korean language. Setting a clear objective will give us focus – focus you will need to analyze what is it you really want and who you really want to be.

You can never fully define who you are even when you are 80, much more when you are 18. But having an idea of who you are, what you can become and who you must be will provide you time and space to focus on what truly matters to you.



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  1. 1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Share yourself to others.
    3. Take a risk.
    4. Learn from your mistakes.
    5. Aim a dream/goal.

  2. 1. Reflecting upon myself
    2. Knowing my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations
    3. Contemplating about my failures and short-comings
    4. Finding and learning my priorities
    5. Taking risks

  3. 1. Find what makes you trully happy while scrutinizing your vulnerabilty as well your forte.

    2. Share your thoughts and emotions to trully find your true self. Make companions to be your guides.

    3. Accept the pains and sorrow of life to be able to be anew.

    4. Master thyself and sharpen the character. Start forging the new from the old. Aim high and be the master of your own.

    5. Once anew, set a path in your life where your truest happiness awaits. Always have Tenacity as your weapon.

  4. 1. Find your self
    2. Be true to your self
    3. Find what you really want
    4. Take Risks
    5. Explore

  5. 1. always think what is your really goal in life
    everyone thinks their goal in life but not always they give up immediately and leads to doing other things that will became a barrier to know what their really goal in life, this is important because having a goal in life is another word for having a meaningful life.
    2. be a mistake.
    some people said that they know all and they are perfect but for me its a bad idea and it sadden me because being a perfect person is like you dont need to gain information and grow as a person because you are perfect right? but if we change our mindset and even we know somethings we just need to be humble and like you are commiting mistake not literally hehe, because if you stay humble and be a mistake to them there is a chance that they will fill you an information or a things that they not saw into you and because of that you will grow and grow.
    3. take a risk
    taking a risk is not a bad thing its actually a good thing because if you try something that you never try even though you have a bad result you still learn something.
    4. communicate your true feelings and thoughts of something
    saying what you really feel to others is a good thing because they can know what you really feel and reflect their side to your’s and because of that you will going to learn something to yourself.
    5. don’t copy the others
    being yourself is the best if you will going copy the others you will not find your true self.

  6. 1. Let go of what you want be and embrace who and what you are
    2. Discover your passions and make use of it
    3. Find contentment in your life
    4. Have a vision of your future self and commit to your dreams
    5. Do what pleases you, not everyone else

  7. 1. Be vulnerable. Exposing yourself into failures and pain isn’t bad at all. There are things that you cannot see in light, like stars on the skies. Our vulnerabilities are what makes growth possible.
    2. Explore. Getting out of your comfort-zones allows you to expand your possibilities; chances are you are more capable than you ever thought, you just have to try. Challenging our limitations are good to better understand yourself and reach your potential to becoming limitless.
    3. Open yourself. Sometimes, we are too frightened to open-up ourselves. But we should bear in mind that having someone to talk about your fears, dreams, hopes, suffering, and such enables good communication that helps you ease your mind a for a moment.
    4. Self-talk. It is not odd to choose to be alone sometimes. Self-monologue is essential in assessing yourself. No one really does know you better than yourself so it is important to notice the changes you are going through and specific measures to be taken if necessary.
    5. Having a vision. A person that has no direction is like a rolling stone without a destination. It is critical to know your passion and what you really want in life to fully comprehend yourself. This vision will help you survive and will serve as an inspiration for you to strive harder.

  8. 1. be who you are
    2.be open to the people who is here for you
    3. accepting what is the reality
    4. follow your dreams
    5. do what you love and set a goal to achieve it

  9. 1. ACCEPT YOURSELF BE YOURSELF. These are knowing your strenghth and weakness, finding your flaws or imperfections, and discovering or knowing the things that makes you who are. It is the first step to understand yourself. Because you can able to know why you do such things you like or dislike. Accepting yourself is also a way of accepting other people.
    2. BE READY FOR EVERYTHING. Always be read in strunggles or challenges and changes. Everything that will happen to your life is a lesson. Be ready for what the life will hit you. Be ready for the people will come to your life. Being ready is a way of understanding why things or why yourself is currently like that.
    3. BE OPEN ABOUT YOURSELF. Having an open mind can help do reflect yourself in your daily life. In which you can identify why peopleis like that to you, always think or reflect the two sides of the story or the happening in yourself.
    4. BE WILLING TO TAKE ANY RISK. A life without risk is boring. You will not know the things you can do if you don’t try new things in your life. Be willing for the risk in life. Trying things will lead you to a lesson or a new discovery that can mold you to a better you. A happy life is a risky one to achieve.
    5. AIM AND LEARN. Always have a goal in your life. It is useless to live a life that don’t have a goal to reach. It give us purpose to rise up everyday. And aiming is also learning. One should aim a goal that is ready to learn or willing to learn from the mistakes or lessons that one will treasure and will keep one in moving forward to reach it.

  10. 1. The way of behavior and feelings
    2. The way of physical instincts
    3. The way of peace of mind
    4. The way of subjective or objective experiences
    5. The way of nurturing positive works

  11. 1. I’m going to look at how I’ve changed.
    2. Examine my priorities.
    3. Evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.
    4. Face my Problems and Fears.
    5. Wisdom.

  12. 1. Recognize yourSELF. First yourself because no one can discover it but yourself only. Friends, family members, and other people are just part but it can never be the whole of yourSELF.

    2. Uncover your excitement and mold it. Once you already recognized yourSELF, this is the time that challenges will appear and your skills and talents and even personality will help you to unveil what excites you as yourself. You just need to enhance it in order to recognize not by others but yourself.

    3. Accept failures and disappointments of the SELF. Challenges not always a success but also a failure that’s why for you to achieve the real self is to accept those negativity and down side of your life because it will help you to discover you or the real self.

    4. Brush up the SELF into superior one. Being superior is not measure by the power but the challenges and failures that a person passed through their journey because a superior self is the real self.

    5. Influence and transform others like your SELF. If you reach this far, Finally, you are now a superior self and this is the time that you share this secret to others but this is not required thing because if you know yourSELF already, this trait will went through.

  13. 1. Know Myself
    2. Having Vision
    3. Nurture Positive Works
    4.Face the Problems and Fears
    5. Connect with others

  14. 1.) Think outside the box, your perception for one thing can be reflected on you as an individual.

    2.) Learn to live the life that you have, not anyone else’ around.

    3.) Move up, grow up, and cheer up, no matter what brings you down.

    4.) There’s no such thing as accurate, as well as perfect but practice the good values and focus on consistency rather than perfection.

    5.) Dare to do, to be something different, unique, doesn’t mean isolating yourself from the usual routines of the crowd. They might not be able to understand but it’s not your responsibility, because you’re concern is molding yourself for who you are, not what they ideally perceive.

  15. 1. Contemplate about the things happened, the events that happened in the past whether it’s a good or bad. Think of the things you’ve done and understand the pros and cons of that decision. There’s always a reason why certain things happened. Sometimes jotting down ideas, events and memories are helping us realize our changes and the things we learned. It’s not bad to look back especially when those decisions made us a better person.
    2. Interact, exchange conversation with others. It doesn’t really need a lot of people sometimes one is enough. Someone who’ll listen. It’s helpful if we have someone to talk to because we will have time to think of the things we are doing.
    3. Know yourself, there’s no one who better know us better than ourselves. We are the one who’ll identify which we want and which we don’t. Our choices and the paths we choose are the building blocks to our identity and our-self.
    4. Venture life’s challenges, we will never know what will happen. We should not be afraid to try something new because we will always learn from such things. Just like in the saying, “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett. It’s true we will never know something unless we try.
    5. Have purpose. If we will know the purpose of the things we will do it will be easier for us to continue the path we’ve chosen. It will provide us excitement that will motivate us to work harder. It’s really hard to do things we don’t want so if we know our objective, we will know the actions that we must do in able to achieve our goal.

  16. 1. Be who you are. Accept your flaws, you’re awesome in your way Don’t change yourself so that the world accept you. Be the best version of you.
    2. Live your life to rhe fullest. When you found your Happiness you will found your purpose.
    3. Take a risk. You can’t be better if you don’t want to take a risk. Things are all worth of take a risk its up to you on how you will see or apply the result.
    4. Follow your dreams.
    5. Explore. the earth is big, it is good to know new things. By exploring the world you are also exploring yourself.

  17. 1. Be the best version of yourself. In Anythjng that you do you will judge so be true to yourself. You will never know that maybe someone the bus or you’re riding someone adore you, maybe in the mall someones deeply inlove with you, maybe in the restaurant someones wants to be you. You will never know. Accept your flaws, you only see yourself ugly when you look at the mirror, you didn’t see yourself when your favorite food is coming , when you smile in a little things, you didn’t see how you laugh or how your eyes shines when your happy, but the people around you can see it and they love it that’s why always be yourself. Always be the best version of you.
    2. When you found your Happiness you will found your purpose.
    So better to live your life with happiness.
    3. Be a risk taker. You will learn from your Decisions. All things are worth to take a risk, its only up to on how you will accept the result.
    4. Never stop dreaming.
    5. Explore. You will never know who you really are if you will exploring.

  18. 1.follow you dreams
    2.do what you love
    3.accept failures
    4.stay positive
    5.be happy all the time

  19. 1. Let yourself engage in deep thinking or sudden self-realization. It can happen while you are taking a shower, riding a bus, or when you are still awake in the middle of the night, just staring at the ceiling. All the important points in life will suddenly pops up whether it is good or bad. At these moments we should learn to evaluate the events even if it contain the negative aspects we want to forget. Sometimes people tend to avoid thinking deeply and engage their selves in these sudden realization just because it involves their bad memories. But not facing these issues will never help you grow. Those points in your life is an important part of you and when you learned to analyze why these things happen, you will understand then, yourself better.
    2. Pursue your passion and start creating. Whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a composer, a photographer, etc. just create and express yourself. Those paintings you make when you are happy, brokenhearted, depressed, stressed, afraid and whatever situation you are going through will surely reflect on those art. Those masterpieces is a reflection of you. It contains the piece of you (your memories, emotions etc.), therefore, upon seeing your own artwork, you will slowly understand who you are.
    3. Let failures, problems and pain come unto your life. These things will help you see your weaknesses and as well as your strengths. In those crucial moments you will realize your limits and upon solving it you’ll also discover your potentials; that the ‘you’ that you know all throughout your life can be greater than what you think.
    4. Engage in deep conversations. Sometimes talking to someone regarding deep topics like emotional, political, philosophical and such talks make you think critical. As you defend and exchange views with that person, you’ll slowly realized your difference with him/her. You might agree with certain views but you can see that your way of reasoning is still distinct than him/her. It will make you understand your beliefs and the way yourself think.
    5. Learn to accept your imperfections and be your Real self. Once you find who you really are (the ‘you’ which is not blinded with your ideal image), you will definitely understand yourself better.

  20. 1. Dream. To know what you want, and know what you need contributes much into understanding yourself. When we delve into the deepest part of ourselves it is only then that we recognize our wants in life. Knowing our wants helps us determine our passions, desires and goals which will eventually lead us into striving in the present for the future. On the other hand, our needs balances us in every aspect for our own necessity.

    2. List self-affirmations. One of the things I have done countless times before is to answer questions that would develop my views. Recognizing our existence through knowing our perspective in personal, political, and sociological ideologies could help us technically not only in knowing ourselves but also with our own beliefs.

    3. Live in the present. A reminder for every individual is to always focus on the current happenings rather than always bringing back the melancholy of yesterday. When we are faced with dilemmas in a present situation, we do not always have to resort in looking back of what was already done, remember that you are different from what you are right now and what you are ten years ago.

    4. Learn various things. Each of us have unlimited learning capacity. In order to explore who we are, we have to explore first every new and unfamiliar things. When we are exposed through learning, our mind is always open in discovering differences. Some of us learn better through experience and others through reading, all of us varies in ways we learn best.

    5. Do what makes you happy. Happiness is not always around, it is hard to maintain especially when we are down in the dumps. However, it is essential in understanding ourselves because our inner self is always the key to happiness. When we do things in our own pleasure, it shows who we really are.

  21. My own version of ways to better understand yourself:

    1. Self-discovery. Seek the potentials buried within you. Sometimes, being afraid to do things that you don’t usually do locks you up in a box that hinders you from growing and learning things that will make you realize your full potential.

    2. Reflect on yourself. Reflecting can never disappoint you. It will help you in assessing yourself and knowing what and who you have become over time.

    3. Be Brave. Knowing our inner selves is hard because sometimes, we are afraid that we might disappoint ourselves. However, knowing your inner self will actually help you to improve your flaws and recognize your imperfections. Learn how to take risks because through this, you will grow.

    4. Appreciate little things. Even the smallest thing matters. Giving yourself an affirmation will boost yourself to do better. Commending your little good actions can make a change on how you view things. And with that, you will learn how you to appreciate the worth of yourself.

    5. Change is constant. It will never stop. Embrace every changes you had. But, don’t force yourself to suddenly change because, change does not come easily. It is a process, and must gradually be accepted.

  22. 1. Know your Limitations.
    2. know what makes you happy.
    3. You should trust yourself.
    4. Be Inspired.
    5. Be open.

  23. 1. Find what really makes you happy.
    2. Let go the past and embrace the present.
    3. Set your goals to become a successful one.
    4. Love and reflect your self.
    5. No pain, no gain. More pain, more possible positive outcomes.

  24. 1. Comprehend your strengs and weaknesses
    2. Communicate and make some memories with your love ones
    3. Explore and take risks in life
    4. Know and love who you really are
    5. Be a dreamer, aim a goal

  25. Alicias, Denise A.

    Here are my own five ways to understand myself better:

    1. Self-love.
    2. Embrace changes, take risks.
    3. Accept criticisms for improvement.
    4. Know my priorities.
    5. Do what I love and follow my dreams.


  26. 1.Be true to yourself
    2.Accept The Reality
    3.Never Give Up
    4.Learn taking risks
    5.Continue Dreaming

  27. 1. Be authentic.
    Remove all the doubts that’s trying to become a hindrance for being who you are and what you want to be, we must have our own version of SELF.

    2. Explore things around you.
    What you see isn’t always what you’ll be getting, because life will not always give us everything we wanted to have. Learn to explore and appreciate more things around you, we’ll never know what life has prepared for our journey. We will not always get to choose the best but learn to choose wisely.

    3. Patience, patience and Patience.
    It really takes a lot of time to know more about ourselves and to understand why some strange things happens to us even if we don’t wanted to. We always get tired easily for not getting what we want, and patience and easily identify what you are as a person. As the time passes by, everything around us change; the environment, the people around us, the atmosphere, and even ourselves changes. So we must be patient to understand ourselves in every situations and in our every decisions that we’re going to make.

    4. Learn.
    In every actions we make, decisions we take, in our everyday lives, we LEARN. To understand thyself is about learning why or how you see the world around you and how’d you learned about that sudden situation. Made a mistake? You have to learn something, and understand why such yourself made that decision. Learn how you learn.

    5. Self-love.
    How come you love everyone around you but you hated yourself? It’s you who made decisions for yourself and you don’t have to blame anybody and yourself for not doing what you want to. The first four things is important and we should apply in on ourselves to gain self-love.
    Treat yourself, make yourself a priority, make yourself happy, and you’ll know and understand what you really want to have in life, you’ll really understand what you are and who you really are.

  28. 1. Know your strengths and weakneses.
    2. Accept the things you can and can not do.
    3. Take risks.
    4. Achieve your goals.
    5. Be yourself.

  29. 1. Accept the reality
    2.Self Reflect
    3. Taking Risk
    4. Know my strength and weaknesses
    5. Sort out my dream career path

  30. 1. Always be yourself.
    2. Don’t let other bother you too much.
    3. Enjoy life and always seize your day.
    4. Forgive and learn from your mistakes.
    5. Strive to achieve your dreams and goals in life.

  31. 1. Allowing yourself to know WHO you are
    2. Connect with others you may acquire about YOURSELF
    3. ENVISION whats good, REVISION whats bad
    4. OVERTAKE or UNDERTAKE challenges you may confront
    5. PRODUCE a limit and come up with an ENTHUSIASM

  32. 1. Have an alone time
    2. Learn from your mistakes and others experiences
    3. Reflect everyday.
    4. Remind self that is better to have room for self improvement
    5. Be positive but not ignorant.

  33. 1. Don’t let others dictate you and don’t let their harsh judgement changed you.
    2. Believe in yourself and your capabilities to achieve your goals.
    3. Surrender your expectations and conditional relationship.
    4. Find yourself.
    5. And lastly, don’t be afraid to take risks and explore new things.

  34. 1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Share yourself to others.
    3. Take a risk.
    4. Learn from your mistakes.
    5. Aim a dream/goal.

  35. Dave Lorenz Enverga

    Being self aware is important because when we have a better understanding, we are able to experience ourselves as different and unique individuals.
    1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Share and express feelings
    3. Learn from your mistakes
    4. Stay positive
    5. Focus on priorities

  36. 1. Learn from your mistakes. We all make mistakes, but it doesn’t matter how many times we fail. What matters most is how you will learn from it and how it’ll improve yourself.

    2. Have fun. Enjoy life. No matter how stressed you are, don’t forget to have fun. Having fun makes us feel better whenever we have problems. It also helps our mind to think properly especially when making decisions.

    3. Dream. It makes our life meaningful. It also makes us motivated in everything we do in order to achieve our goals in life.

    4. TRY AND TRY. It is okay to fail, but don’t stop trying especially to your dreams. You may experience failure in life, but you don’t have to give up. Just keep on trying until you succeed.

    5. be.YOU.tiful. You don’t have to change yourself to fit in. All you must do is to be the real you and the right people will love and accept you. And of course, being true to yourself is what makes you beautiful.

  37. MED183

    Reflect, as what is written in the article, it is important for us to be aware of ourselves, also how I see myself will reflect and have an effect on how I present myself in our society.

    Evaluating strength and weaknesses, so we will know what things we need to improve to our self.

    Knowing/Setting Priorities, it is important to know what we truly need and what things we just really want for our self.

    Socializing, “No man is an island” it is essential to interact with other people to know what they think about me.

    Taking risk, challenges, problems are a necessity in life we may lose to some of them but we learn new things that will help us improve and be better version of our self.

  38. Five ways to understanding yourself better:

    MED183 ?
    1.) Contemplate and realize
    There are a lot of things we don’t know of yet, that includes ourselves. It might be an easy feat for others to know themselves but sometimes, we need a little pondering and realization. We sometimes ignore the little things in our life that we fail to see some things.

    2.) Try new things
    We won’t know things if we don’t try them, so do new things and try new things. Might be baffling at first, but you’ll/we’ll manage.

    3.)Learn to connect/interact with others
    As we all know, we learn from others and they learn from us. We might be able to understand ourselves better with the help of others.

    4.) Love yourself

    5.) Explore, know your little quirks and all

  39. 1. Contemplate in a peaceful place
    2. Document your everyday life
    3. Love yourself
    4. Dream limitless
    5. Live to the fullest

  40. 1. Take risk with precautions
    2. Live your life to the fullest
    3. Focus what is needed and dont be distract by those wants
    4. Be kind
    5. Learn to be independent

  41. Here are my own five ways to understand myself better:

    1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Discover your passion.
    3. Accept your flaws
    4. Know your priorities.
    5. Explore life.

    Floriza Roni Real -MED183

  42. Five Ways to Understanding Myself
    1.Learn from the past experiences
    2. Love myself and love people
    3. Know my Ability
    4. Set Priorities and Goals
    5. Try new things

  43. 1. Know your “real” self, being true to yourself means no harm.
    2. Be open to others, try to engage yourself with other people by sharing your thoughts and different spices of your perspective.
    3. Identify and Analyze what genuinely aspect of our lives that makes you strong as a person and what scares you to strive more. These also includes your passion, hobbies, and more.
    4. Keep in mind that failure has no exemption in life. Whenever this nuisance triggers you the most, bare in mind that every letter has it’s meaning, it stands for, ” FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEARNING.” It doesn’t mean that, you will be there permanently. Hence, its a matter of trial of how many times you want to dwell in that aspect.
    5. Reward yourself for kicking the day right. Treat yourself something or somewhere for making moves that you probably earn someday. No matter how easy or hard the day went, treating yourself of anything simply shows how you certainly love yourself.

  44. 1. Accept everything about yourself
    2. Reflect on the decisions you’ve made
    3. Know your strength and weaknesses
    4. Discover new things
    5. Achieve your goals in life

  45. 1. Learn your Advantages and Disadvantages.
    2.Be a responsible Person
    3.Learn from mistakes and do what’s right
    4.Always be critic when making decisions
    5.Accept your error’s and Be honest

  46. 1. Explore
    Exploring what things you want to do and meet someone who can teach you and introduce to yourself the real you, because before you see yourself people will notice it first. People will judge you by being you, try to explore with them and get the chance to discover more about you.
    2. Know what you can’t and can do.
    Not all the things in life is your thing, there is still stuff that you is not good at but there is a thing that you are really good at. By knowing this things you can focus on the things you need to improve and things you need to change.
    3. Learn
    In understanding yourself and knowing who really you are there are instances that you make mistakes that you can never undo. Nevertheless, you can learn from it and never do the same mistake. Mistakes can lead you to your real self and doesn’t make you a less human. Learn because you live to stand up for your own.
    4. Accept
    Accept all your flaws and imperfection means you are not accepting who really you are. Accepting means happy life. Being able to breath in to the world you can be who you are that you can no longer need to pretend. Love your impefections and flaws for a better life with a peace of mind.
    5. Be responsible
    Be responsible, once you already know and understand how this cruel world works you will always question yourself anad your worth. Be responsible in the decision you make for yourself because you will ask yourself your worth.Responsible in keeping you heads up and maintaining your composure standing brave for whatever problems.

  47. 1. Have a goal
    2. Reflect on the things you’ve done wrong and try to make things right for the second time.
    3. Know your strength and weaknesses
    4. Learn to communicate to other people to gain knowledge.
    5. Take a risk

  48. 1. Find your personal values or Realize who truly you are, not who you want to be.
    2. Find what you are good at (and not good at).
    3. Take a risk
    4. Learn from your mistakes and apply it to the future.
    5. Explore

  49. 1- I always come up with deep conversations with my family and peers.
    2- Journals, setting goals and plans.
    3- Knowing my strength and weaknesses.
    4- Trying new things or experiences that will make me love it or happy doing it.
    5- Loving myself, for me to improve it and always be the best version of my own.

    [ Eloisa Cabral ] NUR182

  50. Gonzales, Jan Jasmin

    Five ways that I used to understand myself:

    First, I look forward to what I aspire to become.
    To know oneself is to be able to determine what are your needs and want.

    Second, I list down my strengths and weaknesses. What traits I have to keep and what to let go so that I can move on and further explore understanding myself more.

    Third, I apply the changes that I need to make and in these changes there are ups and downs. Here comes acceptance where in I understand that this is what I am. I am not the best nor am I the weakest and that both of these are not permanent.

    Fourth, adapt. I adapt to what a current situation demands. This helps me understand that not everybody can understand therefore, I look more into myself and see my real self.

    Fifth, I look back and look at the changes that I have made. Remembering why I made such decision and how I did those choices help me understand myself even more.

  51. 1. Know your Strengths and Weaknesses
    2. Love yourself
    3. Forget the past and rely on the present
    4. Know your Worth
    5. Know your Priorities

  52. 1. Assess your development- keep track of the changes that occured with yourself.
    2.Be open-minded- Be open to different perspectives.
    3. Learn from your mistakes- Accept that nobody is perfect and each and everyone commits mistakes. One should always accept and learn from mistakes.
    4. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses- Enhace and improve your strengths and see weakness as a window for improvement.
    5. Face your fears- Do things that you are afraid of.

  53. My 5 ways to Understanding myself:
    1. Acceptance with good and bad things
    2. Be Genuine
    3. Set a realistic goals
    4. Be Optimist
    5. Love yourself thoroughly.

  54. 1. Find your true self
    2. Overcome your weaknesses
    3. Learn from your mistakes
    4 Be humble and kind to everyone
    5. Dream high and let God handle your life

  55. 1. Set a goal and focus on how will you reach it
    2. Know your responsibilities
    3. Learn to love yourself first
    4. Always take risks
    5. Never let anyone take away your own happiness

  56. 1.Knowing your self worth.
    2.Learn from your mistakes and make it as an inspiration to continue.
    3.Know your weaknesses and strengths.
    4.People will criticized you, accept it and It’ll help you to grow.
    5.Trust your self first.

  57. 1. Be who you are
    2. Accept your flaws
    3. Take risks
    4. Love yourself before others
    5. Always be contented

  58. 1.Don’t dwell on the past
    2. No matter what anyone says, be confident with yourself
    3. Be proud of who you are
    4. Learn from your mistakes
    5. Love your curves and imperfections

  59. 1. Set goals- everyone have their own set of goals that you promise to yourself that you can do it and you need to believe in yourself that you can, the only one that can achieve your goal is yourself, not someone who close to you not even your family, only yourself can achieve those goals, maybe they will motivate you to work harder and even if your down they will help you until you achieved those goals, the only words that you will say is “WORTH IT” all sacrifices is all worth it.
    2. Be honest with yourself- the best thing that you will need is being honest to yourself because every people need this, example you’re pretending that you already move on to someone but deep inside you still like his/her, because you want that everyone see you that you’re strong and happy but inside you’re broken and sad.
    3. Communicate- talk with people besides or surrounding you ask them if what person you are or what type of person are you, because you will know from their opinion your good and bad attitude and you will realize, if it is good for you or not because from their perspective it will help you to improve yourself into a good one, that’s why communicate and talk to your family, friends, anyone who besides is the key to know yourself more.
    4. Take a risk- everyone have their own struggles in life and how can you achieve those goals if you don’t undergo to those risks, example you entering in a relationship you will think harder because we all know that happiness or entering to a relationship yes it will be so nice and happy of being in love but you didn’t know until when those happiness will stay between the two of you, and you will know that when you enter you know that you will take responsibilities and take those heart break.
    5. Things I love- you will know what truly make you happy, anything that’s brings you joy and make you smile, like bonding with your family, friends, and attending to mass every Sunday with your family will make your inner self relief, and you also know what you don’t like.

  60. My own ways to understand myself better:

    1. Socialize.
    Staying at your comfort zone for a long time isn’t good. Being with other people aside from your old friends and encountering different kinds of personality will help you handle such in the near future and learn a lot of things you haven’t known before.

    2. Know your likes and dislikes.
    Only then will you find your true happiness.

    3. Learn from your mistakes.
    You don’t learn how to write without scratching the paper trying to write your name when you were a child. We learn after committing mistakes. When we learn how to look at the positive side of failing to do a thing, we also start growing ourselves as a person.

    4. Motivate yourself.
    You are not the only one who have problems and is having difficulties. You may watch your favorite idols and get motivated by their deep stories or simply talk with your family. Communication with your family itself will help you get motivated and keep on moving forward to be developed into a professional being.

    5. Love yourself.
    Accept that you cannot avoid disappointing yourself at times. Accept that some things won’t go your way. Learn to love your imperfections. Love yourself and you will become more optimistic upon living life.

  61. 1. Accept everything that happened in your life, whether if it’s good or bad.
    2. Learn from the past.
    3. Have a confidence and trust yourself.
    4. Give yourself time to heal everything that made you suffer or hurt.
    5. Just keep on smiling always be a positive person.

  62. 1. Reflect once in a while
    2. Self-realization
    3. Know youself
    4. Have a person to talk with your personal problems or if you dont have just pray.
    5. love yourself

  63. 1. Don’t let others dictate you and don’t let their harsh judgement changed you.
    2. Believe in yourself and your capabilities to achieve your goals.
    3. Surrender your expectations and conditional relationship.
    4. Find yourself.
    5. And lastly, don’tbe afraid to take risks and explore new things.

  64. 1. Evaluate to what is my weakness and strength.
    2. Being accountable to other people.
    3. Gamble, take risk.
    4. Experience is the best teacher.
    5. Pursue goals.

  65. 1. Commit mistakes and learn from it.
    2. Trust and believe in yourself.
    3. Evaluate and Assess all the possibilities.
    4. Acceptance.
    5. Use weakness as strength.

  66. 1. Be transparent.
    2. Know that I am weak and that is the reason be strong.
    3. Have purpose.
    4. Accept struggles.
    5. Take courage.

  67. MED-183

    1. Strengths and Weaknesses : In a strengths and weaknesses analysis you explore your strengths and weaknesses and try to discover the professional opportunities that exist for you. Your personal obstacles, issues that might hinder your progress, are discussed as well.
    2. Goals : Every responsible person has some goals, things they want to achieve and do, either in their private, or in their professional life. They want to see if they can count on you in a long run, and if you can achieve your goals while helping other people to achieve theirs.
    3. Risks : How can we truly know ourselves if we don’t risks? Risk implies the chance that things might not work out the way we expect it, we can also learn from risks and those lessons may lead us on an important new path in our life. A former prof. of mine told me that ” If you don’t take risks in your life, is it a life to begin with?” with that being said I started to take calculated risks.
    4. Accept : Accept yourself above all else. Resolve to make peace with who you are so that you can start showing up for the world. The only approval you truly need is yours. I often tell myself that I wasn’t born to please people, but I was born to please myself. Why would I try to seek approval from others, I only person who truly knows me is myself. I accept my flaws and all my imperfections.
    5. Reflect : Reflection is the art of pondering on one’s virtues and faults. It is also the ability to reflect on the “here and now”, on your feelings and thoughts. This also includes reflecting on the thoughts, emotions and the feelings of others. Reflection can be a useful way to make positive changes in life as you assess and evaluate the decisions you’ve made in the past. This may require letting go of some people or ways of thinking and retaining others. Learning how to reflect on your own life, your experiences, and the lives of others can help you grow as a person and make informed choices to shape your future.

  68. Five Ways to Understanding Yourself
    1. Take risks and be dauntless to accept failures.
    2. Know and understand your vigors and lethargies.
    3. Appreciate and discover more of yourself.
    4. Always give the world your best shot, always.
    5. Live your dreams.

  69. 1. Be yourself
    2. Do what makes you happy
    3. Have faith
    4. Believe in what you are
    5. Aim your GOAL.

  70. MED 183
    5 ways to understand the self
    1. Be you, be true to self. In this way, every aspect of you
    will easily understand who you really are.
    2. Live life love it. We struggle mostly facing our own personal problems. But we must not let ourselves get eaten by it. We must enjoy our time living. We only got one body to use in this lifetime, live to the fullest and love thyself. Once you learned to love yourself you’ll understand yourself as well.
    3.Know your ups and downs. You cannot be the strongest without your weaknesses. Understanding yourself means knowing where to put yourself in the best spot where it shines.
    4. Push through your limits. Don’t hesistate on making mistakes. and
    5. Aim your target. Once you have plans you’ll understand what you have in mind better than others.

  71. Life is full of surprises and its so fast that its even hard to catch up. Understanding yourself can lead to a much greater truth about how you handle life and how you cope up with it.

    Here are 5 goals to understand yourself:

    1. Say goodbye to your comfort zone.

    In your comfort zone, you’re safe. You won’t actually know what you can or cannot do. It’s all nice and warm to be safe but you won’t learn.

    2. Take the baby steps.

    Even though you think that those steps/ decitions won’t amount to anything, take them, you will be surprised

    3. Do your best at everything.

    Sometimes you’ll be scared to do your best because you’re scared to find out that you are not good enough but that’s a twisted way of thinking. Do your best so you will know your limits an improve what you lack.

    4. Reflect and Appraise.

    Every end of the day, have this reflections about yourself, weigh the things you’ve done, wrong or right and no matter how the day turned out, give yourself a little appraisal and a boost of encourragement.

    5. Do something that would calm yourself.

    During hectic schedules, during worrisome days, during normal days with heavy tasks we feel burdened… We feel sp heavy and can’t even undeestand what is happening to ourselves. That is the rime when you need to stop, grab an ice cream, go by at the beach and watch the sunset or even travel. Just know when you need the rest.

  72. 1. At the end of the day, talk to yourself in front of a mirror
    2. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Go outside of the box
    4. Love Yourself
    5. Socialize with other people

  73. 1. Believe in yourself
    2. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Aim a goal
    4. Explore new things
    5. Contentment

  74. 1.Know your limitations.
    2.Learn to respect.
    3.Take responsibilities.
    4.Take a risk.
    5.Set your goals

  75. Ferreras, Janela Katherine C.
    MED 183

    5 A’s to understanding yourself:
    1. Adapt to changes in yourself.
    2. Ace in the things you love to do.
    3. Accept and learn from your mistakes.
    4. Admire the little things of what makes you, you.
    5. Abuse your wonder.

  76. 1.) Know your self-worth
    2.) Set your own Goal (your own not others wants you to be)
    3.) Know your strengths and weaknesses
    4.) Reflect and learn from your mistakes
    5.) Establish Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

  77. 1. Find yourself.
    2. Knowing my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations
    3. Be humble.
    4. Find what you really want.
    5. Set a goal in life and do what you really love

  78. 1. Asking other people on the things they’ve noticed about me.
    2. Feel every bit of pain whenever dealing with circumstances
    3. Having self reflections
    4. Anticipating the future
    5. Sharing myself to my peers

  79. Self awareness is important because when we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are able to experience ourselves as unique and separate individuals. 🙂

  80. 1. Be true to yourself, it will make you understand yourself deeper.
    2. Open yourself up to possibilities and people.
    3. Don’t be afraid to show your strengths and weaknesses.
    4. Allow yourself to have mistakes.
    5. Forgive yourself.

  81. One of the most diffucult to understand is yourself. I’m always having a hard time in understanding myself but these are my five ways to understand myself:
    I. Go to a quiet place or some place that makes you feel relaxed then reflect. It really helps to contemplate when you’re in a place that makes you feel at ease. It helps you to think peacefully about how your day went and about yourself.
    II. Evaluate yourself. After you reflect and contemplate, try to evaluate on what you have contemplate on yourself. Try to ask yourself some questions and answer it truthfully.
    III. Accept yourself. Sometimes, we are in denial of what we feel or even of what we are. Learn to embrace yourself even if it is hard.
    IV. List all the things that you want to do and you don’t want to do. Also make a list of your favorites, likes, dislike and desires. This will be your start to know yourself better and to discover more of yourself.
    V. Get out of your comfort zone. Take risks. New is always better. There will always be something more to explore and to discover.

  82. 1. Interact with many people and try to enumerate your differences with them.
    2. Remember what have you dreamt last night and take note of it.
    3. Watch movies or read books or manga or anime or anything with storyline and try to imagine if you were in the same situation as the charaters have.
    4. Step out of your comfort zone, only then you will know what kind of person you are when you are its needed the most.
    5. Love.

  83. 1. Interact with other people and try to enumerate your differences with them.
    2. Read books, watch movies, manga animes, or anything with storyline and imagine what you gonna do if youre on the same situation as the characters.
    3. Make a journal of your past dreams, or after you wake up. Analyze those every year to see what changed.
    4. Step out of your comfort zone. only then you will know what kind of person you are when faced in challenging events.
    5. Love.

  84. 1. Answer personality quizzes *makes me realize that’s it always accurate
    2. Observe and listen on what others think of me
    3. Look back from the previous me
    4. Bucket list
    5. Accept His will for me of what will I become and who I really am

  85. 1. I evaluate myself
    2. I isolate myself to realize and know who I am
    3. I ask people who they think I am
    4. I always know what is the purpose of everything I am doing
    4. I always think of what my family wants me to be and how they make me as a person

  86. 1. Find out your Strengths and Weaknesses.
    2. Be Patient in everything
    3. Trust His Timing
    4. Be Good to Others
    5 Grab the Wheel of your life

  87. My five ways to know myself more:
    1. Acceptance
    2. Exploring my talents and personality.
    3. Setting goals
    4. Socialize
    5. Trying different things that I’d never did before.

  88. 1. Listen to people’s feedback around you.
    2. Reflect on it if its true, do not get affected easily.
    3. Be better.
    4. Invest more in your strengths.
    5. Strive towards your goals.

  89. 1. Love yourself.
    2. Reflect your actions evry single day.

    3. Learn from your mistakes.
    4. Accept criticism
    5. Go outside the box

  90. Elaiza Mae Coratibo ACT181

    1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Know your priorities and purpose.
    3. Explore more and leave your comfort zone.
    4. Talk to God.
    5. Have meaningful conversation with others.

  91. 1. First to know more about myself I always socialize with others, on how to communicate with different people who have different personality and values. I always open up myself to others.
    2. Know my limitations
    3. Learn and accept from my own mistakes and insecurities.
    4. Set a priorities and goals.
    5. Explore to know more about yourself.

  92. 1. Solitude – learn to isolate yourself. This helps you to know yourself better in a way that you are letting yourself experience its solitude, its a way in disconnecting in the toxic environment where you belong to.

    2. Know your boundaries and limitations – on this part you are being more aware and knowledgeable about your weaknesses. This helps you to stick on the things that you know that you are good at.

    3. Know your capabilities and abilities – knowing where you are good at helps you to be kore passionate and more dedicated on the things that you love to do. There is a saying that when you love what you do you never get tired of doing it.

    4. Social Interaction – this helps your life become more prolific and more profound because you get a chance to mingle with other people where there is an exchange of thoughts, opinions and perceptions on certain things. This also helps you to be more interactive.

    5. Connection with Him – having a connection with the Lord will give you a far and better way of living. This helps you build a stronger connection and relationship with Him.

  93. 1. Identify your strengths and limitations
    2. Interact with other people.
    3. Be open in corrections and judgements
    4. Establish your goals and dreams
    5. Commit yourself to the Lord

    Joseph Valenzuela

  94. 1. Identify your limitations and boundaries
    2. Learn to socialize
    3. Accept criticism
    4. Establish your goals and aspirations
    5. Have faith in God

    Valenzuela, Joseph S.
    ACT 181

  95. 1. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Learning from mistakes
    3. Handling own problems
    4. Making decisions
    5. Self-control

  96. Five Ways to Understand yourself

    1. Accept yourself
    2. Learn from your mistakes
    3. Explore your strengths and weaknesses
    4. Let go of the past
    5. Learn that not everyone will love you.

  97. Joseph Torreja MAR181
    1. Discover where you excel.
    Know your talents, skills, abilities that makes you, you. This is the best time of our lives to discover our passion.
    2. Don’t be afraid of judgement.
    Learn how to live a life without giving a damn about what others would say or think.
    3. Be confident.
    In everything you do. Own it.
    4. Give yourself a break.
    In able to find yourself, free your mind of all the negativity life has to offer. Travel.
    5. The best meaning of FAIL is First Attempt In Learning.
    Don’t be afraid of failing because it would make you stronger and better. Learning should be endless.

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