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He's turning 20, In a couple of weeks, for a day, he'll be happy, but he can't run away from the fact he's unhappy.

Birthday .


When a kid reaches adulthood,

and his happiness starts to fade,

Everyone sings him a birthday song,

of how happy he should be,

Happy birthday to you,

a chant that should be merry,

Happy birthday to you,

a song that shouldn’t be heavy,

He’s turning 20,

some say it is the beginning of his life,

He’s turning 20,

some say he’s done with the happiest moments,

He’s turning 20,

let that sink in,

He’s turning 20,

In a couple of weeks,

for a day, he’ll be happy,

but he can’t run away from the fact he’s unhappy.

Every time he panics to be happy,

everytime he tries to be sappy,

everytime he writes crappy,

It’s just a phase, they said,

it’ll pass, they said,

But it has been 8 years of being sad and yet his brain continues to wallow in pain,

If you could only know how many times he had imagined his own death,

Just to feel the love that he was deprived then maybe:

He could have been happy.

He could have been saved.

He could have been me.


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  1. This article tells us that we are not getting younger. Every year another year added to us. It says that you can be happy but not that much happy because if you get older you get more responsibilities to do.

  2. Every birthdays has a purpose. It seems like when we are getting older there is such things we needed to do. Somehow known as adulting. Adulting stage has more responsibilities that sometimes we forget to be happy.

  3. As we celebrate our birthday we are becoming older and responsibilities we’re added in our life. Adults may wish that they should’ve been just a kid because a life as a kid is really happy and wonderful. and Kids may wish that they should’ve been Adults for them to do what the Adults do which they think is good. But then, celebrating our birthday it’s not just about being a Kid or an Adult it’s all about how we cherish and treasure each year of our living in this world. Because in the end we never know how long we’re gonna stay.

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