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Love Actually

Love is said to be boundless like time and space that is neither understood by gods and people in stories They say it is through the heart that beats roughly a hundred thousand a day that set ablaze to those stories of what ifs and happy ever afters It wasn’t Read more…

It all fades away

Her eyes lock dead her smile fixed, a perfect picture from a crushed dream She, she who wanted to be a portrait to show, She who wanted to be An art, she- A masterpiece for others A disgrace to herself A young lady unable to follow Follow the one thing Read more…

a letter of a suicidal kid

A letter of a suicidal kid

Dear Me,

How I wish I can hug you when you hurt yourself,
How I wish I can hold you when you’re cold,
How I wish I could’ve ended my story differently with a family, a life worth living
Without me feeling like my life is worth killing.

the story theuglywriters

the story so far

I’ve changed, lost a pound or 2 to depression and insecurity
Realized what I lack was maturity 
Because deep down I felt that I was hideous,
People saying you look good? sounds ambiguous,
Because who would love a fat-fuck who’s having a delusional breakdown thinking his so-called friends abandoned him?

three values theuglywriters

3 values

Three Values The value of women Women are stupid, they’re the dumber sex, they tend to give what’s called love to “real men” while giving out sex give a month or two, they’ll call us their ex because women are stupid, and they’re the weaker sex can’t you see real Read more…