Puke stained shirt and an unstable mindset,

Barely remembering what happened, drank a little too many

“I ain’t drunk” that’s what he said, 

“You look so red” that’s what they said

And hey maybe I can’t walk straight but the night is young, maybe get a beer or two or three or four

Who even gets fucking drunk from liquor

Besides the band’s screaming, I’ve lost all my hearing,

I’ve broken a glass and I can’t even stop bitching until;




My consciousness fading into oblivion,

I see nothing, feel nothing, but I hear you,

I hear the slightest of your voice calling my name

And I loved it, the warmth that only your gentle embrace could give was something I was craving

But I couldn’t touch you, I couldn’t move. 

I screamed but I didn’t know where you were

I’ve lost you; and there’s nothing that I can do to find you

Because I was hurting, you were hurting, we were hurting

And maybe that’s why I am failing, failing to wake



To wake?

With my head spinning? Puke stained shirt

And an unstable mindset?

Can’t even walk steady, but hey, how the heck did we get home already? 

Drop flopped into bed, maybe it’s all in my head


Maybe next time, I’ll just have tequila instead.