The Bride Groom

Published by Lawson Elijah on

the ugly writers

The door flung open, he stood upon the threshold, his appearance all In awry.

He lit up the candle, bright sparks illuminated, reflecting upon the desolate  & Pale face of him, -Ryan, my bride groom-.

Those Eyes of his were completely strange, distant & without human feelings.

I backed away in sheer horror while he advanced towards me, I looked around me for means to escape, he was between me & the door.

He held on to me, roughly, took a hold of the ribbon that tied the corsage of my peignoir, ripped it through.

My body began to tremble, this wasn’t the Ryan I knew. His face, at this moment, insipid as a turbot.

I hit him through his midsection, reaching for the door & the stairway beyond. Sobbing with relief I made a narrow escape.

Until, I felt him yank my hair, I let out a scream, he smashed my head right against the hard wall.

I was knocked out, Cold. But then, his muffled voice, assaulting me, while I drifted to midnight darkness.

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