Everything She Is is a lovely poem written and shared by Reuben Abrogar as an entry for the theme All Filipino this January, only here at The Ugly Writers.


Everything She Is


When the sky turns gray and her eyes turn red from jealousy and pain, hold her hand.
Provide her with your words that give her assurance
When you breeze through yet somehow it causes her to overthink, hold her hand
Provide her with your words that make her feel loved
When she tells you it’s over, do not fret, it is not, it is her silent scream for you to tell her how you love her so
She deserves the whole world, if only you could get the stars and contain the mass extinction in her head, you would
If only I could, but I’m just a boy turned to man, a sad boy turned into a sad man, trying to hold the pieces that should be in place,
I am no God, I am but mere flesh and bone failing sometimes at life, but hanging in there,
Yet she is everything, so loved she must be
And it is me versus me, so here’s a bit of a reminder for you to stay together,
Only let her know that you are here for her struggles, do not let her know how you’re breaking apart every time she tells you it’s goodbye
Do not tell her how you’re dying a little inside every time she says it’s okay
Do not ever give up on her, no matter how she says that she doesn’t need you, boy does she need
Take care of her, let it be so that you are her peace
As she is to me, and I to her
She is the woman in my dreams, the girl I waited for 21 years of my existence
And to me, that’s everything,
Everything she is.



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