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3 values

Three Values

The value of women
Women are stupid, they’re the dumber sex, they tend to give what’s called love to “real men”
while giving out sex
give a month or two, they’ll call us their ex
because women are stupid,
and they’re the weaker sex
can’t you see real men, showing off their pecs
because we’re superior,
have strength like a meteor
have enough control
to tell a woman to skip out birth control while I do her as she scroll on facebook
we don’t follow rules or go by the book
and we tend to easily get off of the hook
because boys will be boys
and women are merely our toys
and yes, you may argue
that sometimes we buy you
because to us, you’re just cash for value
made to suck balls in a Saigon avenue
because women are stupid right?
And they Can’t say no to rape
Because all women want it,
And they don’t say a thing, because it’s taboo
Because everybody knows that we’ll judge you so we shush you
As if someone covered their mouth with tape
As if a judge says you’ll enjoy being raped
And all those around will look at her with disgust
As if she’s at fault,
Because men will always be men
A saying that’s built upon society
That’s why When entering a relationship
a great factor is virginity

Because men will treat it as a relationshit if he wasn’t the first
As if it is a requirement to fill up his thirst
Inside his ego,
because the value of women is closer to zero

the value of law,
The sovereign power that we stand to rise
A power to answer everyone’s cries
but corrupted, we all see in our eyes
The hopelessness of the people
The pain engulfed by the flame of treason
Yet the government tends to close their eyes on what they see
as long as if it’s money wise that don’t hunt them like pennywise
because let’s be honest, all we want to hear are the sounds of things that are very nice
and things that are petty lies,
we’re shaped in an image that we tend to accept and we ignore the things that’s out of the concept
with such things called war on drugs
and badjao concerts with complementary rugs
because what we wish to hear is the act of heroism
and not the act of violence
some how it’s okay to kill people if they can never plead for their innocence
as long as the necessary elements are present in an investigation,
he had a gun, drugs and any other stupid reason
ignore judgement, due process, or even going to prison
because our policemen are patriotic, there’s no way that they’re chaotic
or idiotic enough to cast a false judgement just to live up to contentment
because who even needs proof, if you did your job,
coming from people that are smart enough to rob, not just money but also people’s heart
because they showed on tv that they visited a person with tb,
and helped the poor fellow back to its feet,
saying things such as deserving a second chance at life,
But when you put the word drugs, then everyone loses their minds
Like they were the exile, as if their lives were for rental
We torture drug convicts
Because the slower the death, the better
As long as it can no longer speak then what else is there to think?
After all, there’s no such thing as a dead man talking
Or unless you have money then
Forget even the thought of surviving,

The value of truth,
And now, we’re all swallowed by silence
Due to the absence of common sense
we can sleep, feel heaven beneath our feet
ignore this plea, say “this has nothing to do with me”
but in reality, we all flock and watch, grabbing on to our seat
yet we forget that It all comes down to the things that we kept hidden under our sheet
Such as the treatment of some real men,
Because there’s a difference between being real, and being a man
Because apparently, you’re a man if you keep your manhood on display,
But I beg to differ because I’ll say it again,
There is a difference between being real and being a man,

And I believe that being real is being human,
To have emotion, to have love, faith, fear and be set to motion
Not to be honorless by abusing women more not less,
Just because Adam came first doesn’t mean that he owns eve
Because women are not stupid, no, they’re not the dumber sex
Just because you’re no longer a virgin
Doesn’t mean that you’re lesser, it just means you loved your ex
And what I believe, is, that we’re all equal, me and you.
Because I believe firmly that life gave us all equal voices
I think that whatever happens in life is the result of whatever our choices
May it be in politics or the law,
We all have something, keeping us away
While people are dying, all we can really do is pray
That next time, we won’t be in the government’s way
and sadly, that is the truth, because they’re the choices that we regret
we, see the things that they do and we’re often upset
So our voices dimmed like a sun starting to set
because all we can do is watch everything unfold
and believe in their words that everyone tries to hold,
it doesn’t mean that we’re less of a person
and if there’s something that I believe in, it is people,
because life had given us a lot,
some even testing every single thing we’ve got
but we’re all still standing,
because people are amazing
and just because our light is dim doesn’t mean that it is gone,
because just because the sun had set, doesn’t mean it’ll last,
and one day all of us will look at today as if it is a thing of the past
because I believe in people,
even if everything is a shade darker,
because It means that after this, there’s something waiting, Something that’s brighter.


  1. Reyes,Abrielle Natasha S.
    Life and Works of Rizal
    As a individual we should show to everyone our true colors because being true is the best way that people would appreciate you,also showing our true colors many people also would trust you or loved you being the way it is.

  2. Transnational- because as a human being we have a different perspective on life, beliefs, thoughts, feelings etc. We have different ways of how we express our feelings to other people.

  3. Manalastas, Joel Anjo J.

    Transnational – because it describes girls attitude, that i think is true about any girls in the world 🙂

    *Proud hs classmate nung writer here*

  4. Transnational – As a filipino woman we all have all the idea of being conservative and all. But this article/poem says how we should act and react as who we are that being real in your emotions is good , without considering our beliefs as a filipino woman.

  5. Translational – We are entitled to our own choices in life, as long as you’re not doing anything that could have negative impact to other people or to the environment, then it’s okay.

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