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China criticized over Ramadan

They'll offer you food or water and if you don't accept it, they will do it for you. Depending on your age or what you did in the past, they will send you to jail. China even banned people from…

Islam sucks as a big religion which held a huge population in China’s Xinjiang province. China government set a lot of restrictions to prevent residents to practice fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. All of those restrictions on this religion has raised up the tension between China and Xinjiang. Chinese government restricts any people to fast during the Ramadan, especially if you are a communist. The government even test students, teachers/professors, and government workers. They’ll offer you food or water and if you don’t accept it, they will do it for you. Depending on your age or what you did in the past, they will send you to jail. China even banned people from searching any information about fasting and Islam on the internet.

With all of these actions, some human right organizations strongly accuse the Chinese government is discriminating the religion. But, the Chinese government denied any accusations because they think they are protecting their communist party member. It is because the government said that their goal is mainly to prevent the extremists from threatening them. So, the government has ordered schools or agencies to prevent any individuals fasting during the month of Ramadan. I strongly believe that Chinese government is discriminating Muslim. From all of the pieces of information above, the Chinese government is taking away the freedom of religion and rights of people. They also stated that the Muslim people as a group of religious extremists. I think the government says they are protecting their people away from the extremists is just a reason for them to banning the freedom and movements of Muslim. All the restrictions set by the Chinese government would only fuel the ethnic tension between Xinjiang and Han Chinese.

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Mara Lyka Salcedo

Transnational- because it’s all about how China criticized Ramadan of the Muslims.


Transnational- It presents about two different cultures- of Chinese and of Muslim.

Jorgette Andrea

Transnational Culture- talks about other country

Santos, Jorgette Andrea E. PSY152


Transnational – It talks how china contradict a one’s culture.


Ongteco, Simon Peter S.
PSY 152

Transnational Culture it talks about a two different culture.