Clozapine is a poem written by Reuben Abrogar and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Organized Chaos for the month of September




Close your eyes and imagine a world of possibilities,

The world would be infinite, it’s definite, something certain

A world built upon the ideologies of those that you have known so far

Just let yourself be absorbed by it all, a place where there is a dream that can come true

A place, that you’ll feel at ease and not panic whenever someone mentions her name

It’s a peaceful world, a boring world if you will, like the world that your colleagues assume that you are in whenever you are silent

A world where all you see is the girl that makes you blush even if it’s something as small as a hello

A world full of moments, fleeting moments as I used to write about

Have we come full circle?

It baffles me how someone manages to capture your attention even if you’re under the influence of Clozapine, a drug that makes you lose focus and let’s the overthinking vanish for a while

How can someone have such power? Who knows

Maybe the heart always wants what it wants

And the universe within mine wants to see the universe in yours

A chase between a dog and it’s tail, senseless yet fulfilling for those involved

But that’s what being a writer is about

To write vaguely into the sunset and let the darkness consume

As the world within you carves itself

Into reality.


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