The Last Ride

The Last Ride

The Last Ride is a poem written by Jake Cosmos Aller and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Organized Chaos for the month of September


The Last Ride


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The last race

The Association of the Living Dead

Secret Gateways

The lonely mother duck

The Secret Fly Drone

The Last Race

An Aging car racer

Racing in his last race

Driving too fast

Around the curve

Blowing himself up

In a fiery crash

The rating score

In his last race.

Association of the Living Dead India

In India, several years ago

A man falsely claimed his brother

Was dead so he could inherit the family assets,

The dead brother had to fight

To be declared legally not dead

And contest the will.

“The Association of the Living Dead”

Became a movement

Of thousands of people.

For in India apparently,

It was a thing to declare

Your relative is dead.

I never thought

That the US would have

To form their own

“The Association of the Living Dead”

Until this week.

The cyber ninjas

In their infamous non-forensic audit

In the 2016 Arizona election

Claimed that hundreds of dead people

Had voted.

They gave their list of the alleged dead voters

To the attorney general

Who contact all 300 dead people

Found that 299 of the 300 were in fact

Not dead and none of them knew

That unnamed political operative

We’re claiming that they were dead.

The one dead voter was alive

when he voted early.

But died before election day

Thus making his vote not valid

But there was no fraud involved

As he was alive when he voted.

Perhaps they need to form

The “association of the living dead”

To fight for the right of the non-dead people

To continue to vote and receive other government benefits?

What a sad commentary

On the farcical nature

Of contemporary life

In these disunited States of America.

Secret Gateways Photo Challenge

There are secret gateways

Portals to other dimensions

All around us

Hidden deep in the mountains.

Leading to other worlds

Other times and places

Where time runs differently

And humans are unknown.

The lonely mother duck

Watched her eggs hatch

In the nest by the lake.

She was worried

About the foxes, wolves

Lions and tigers

That was all around.

Ever since the humans

All disappeared.

The Secret Fly Drone

The fly on the wallpaper

In the CIA director’s office

Was not a real fly

He was an enemy spy drone

Secretly controlled remotely

Listening to all the secret conversations

Until the director smashed him

With a flyswatter

Then realized that it was a spy fly

He had dispatched to bug hell.


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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

the ugly writers

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