She’s Tired


As days go by with nothing but the will that drives her to move forward,

She rests with a heavy heart. She questions why it has to be her to have to go through whilst knowing that if it wasn’t her, who would?

She gets up with barely any sleep to go by and stresses herself at the slightest mishap

Who wouldn’t? She’s had little to no rest and she’s worried about a test that either make or break her future

She’s driven by the fact that she both works for a future and learns for her future

She’s been having mental breaks and somehow the only thing that helps is a hug to come her way

Yet it’s rare to come by, so she sucks up and maybe ignore the fact that being tired makes her want to throw up

She looks with her eyes that plea for a better morrow yet she knows that only he can get her out of this sorrow

So let your head rest, little girl, let your head rest and sleep for a bit

Let at least some of your worries be mine

Let me at least be your rest

In this ungodly hour that you push through with your best

Let me take some weight of your shoulder

Believe that this will all be better when we’re older

Because that’s how I want it to be

And that’s how it should be when you’re with me


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