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Love Actually


Love is said to be boundless like time and space that is neither understood by gods and people in stories

They say it is through the heart that beats roughly a hundred thousand a day that set ablaze to those stories of what ifs and happy ever afters

It wasn’t what you thought it was back when you were 7, when a prince would show to woe the damsel in distress

It wasn’t all those fantasies where love can be found swimming in the sea because there’s plenty

Because love actually, was the way she brings her bag when she’s scared of people taking her stuff

Love actually is the post erratum when she’s taken too much and wanted a break

Love actually is how she sees herself as the one that can be forever and ever yet no one finds her attractive except for me

Because love actually is the way I saw her as an angel on the train rides to and fro

Whenever our hands would clutch and our eyes would lock, for every argument which left us stuck

She was the only one I gave my all,

But love actually, is learning to let yourself go, when the shackles of fate and the chains of hope has been too tight to bear, let it fall to the ground

Because Love actually is learning that you have to be happy once she’s moved on, even if it’s hard to see all the places you’ve been because there are memories engraved

Love actually means leaving even if it hurts, because for every chapter love was there, a new set of nostalgia is born

Love is actually

Because love is unsure ,

Love actually.


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