Let the fabrication of our so called link fool the masses

We were once inseparable, looking to be with each other through and through,

Our spark has gone, our hearts flew apart, I promised I’d stay, I broke it up

We told lies to keep believing in a friendship of forever and butterflies

We made a pact, maybe it was all an act to continue the manuscript of the goddamn script

Feelings so fleeting, maybe this is what we had coming? Imagining of being the one between

Caught in the mean time, a web of such narrow travesty,

Maybe t’was how we were supposed to go,

It’s been a month or 2, and all I ask is do I still even know you?

Yet I seal my lips and just turn a blind eye to remind myself this is how we’ve come

Or this is how I’ve come to accept that the light once we held as perfect is now but a shadow of mere imperfection

I miss you, I really do but I look at you and I see you’re trying your hardest

And maybe it’s time for me to admit that this was never easy, no it wasn’t. Not one bit,

I know you can live without me and the same could be said, but why the hell is my heart upset?

I drove you away because I wanted you to be happy, even though I can’t stand the thought of seeing you hurt so badly

But you loved him, much as you love milktea, believe me,

I see the stars in your eyes, and maybe he is worth the risk and our goodbyes

Our 4 year friendship has come to a bittersweet end

And I know that this is good for something but I just don’t know if I can continue to pretend, because my heart misses its friend

And this wouldn’t be the first time since I’ve had to apprehend

Because this is the sound of my whispers,

Begging for you to come back home

Begging for us to be like before

While I continue to lock my door