Black and Blue

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Not every story has a happy ending. The theme Black and Blue sets to bring the spotlight to short stories, poems, and essays about pain and suffering, despair, darkness, and disappointments.

Each submission has been carefully curated to provide both writers and readers a melancholic and grim feel as a stark contrast to February’s otherwise cheery atmosphere.

Black and Blue is our gentle reminder that the pain, the darkness will eventually pass. That peace and the light awaits us in every tunnel we go through. The theme aims to welcome these not so desirable sensations and make both the writers and readers learn that such feelings are what really makes us human.

The Ugly Writers believe that there is beauty in everything – including our own darkness.

We, at The Ugly Writers, are proud to name some of the contributors for this month’s theme (up to February 24, 2019). You can also click on the name of our regular contributors to head over to their author page.

Reuben Abrogar

Kelly Finlay

Kelli J. Gavin

Maryam H. Viqar

Pasithea Chan

Trixie Ricablanca Angeles

Jack Herer

Callum Beesley

Mark Blickley

Nerisha Kemraj

Jackie Chou

David Bankson

Joan McNerney

Prospero Pulma Jr.

Javon Roye

Elijah Lawson

David Estrengel

Lynn White

This also marks a subtle change in our feature images. Instead of including the title of the article, the images will now represent the different themes alongside the new color scheme we are trying to bring back.

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the ugly writers the ugly writers
the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers the ugly writers



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