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Kelli J Gavin

Kelli J Gavin of Carver, Minnesota is a Writer, Editor, Blogger and Professional Organizer. With over 400 short stories and poems published and posted online, her work can be found with Clarendon House Publications, Sweetycat Press, 300 South Media Group Linden Books, The Ugly Writers, Zombie Pirates Publishing, Setu, The Story Pub, Cut 19, Otherwise Engaged, Flora Fiction, Margins Magazine, The Basil O’Flaherty, The Rye Whiskey Review, Some Good News, Sweatpants and Coffee, and Southwest Media among many others. Kelli’s first two books were released in 2019 (“I Regret Nothing- A Collection of Poetry and Prose” and “My Name is Zach- A Teenage Perspective on Autism”). She has co-authored over 30 anthologies. www.kellijgavin.blogspot.com @KelliJGavin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @keltotheg on TikTok

May The Night Take Me

the ugly writers
She wouldn’t look at me, but kissed me hard and told me she loved me. Loved me so much it hurt. As I laid in that bed wincing from the pain in my leg, I didn’t ask her to promise she would return to me.

Mom’s Luggage

the ugly writers
Unfortunately, a flood of water seeping in the basement of her old rambler home ruined the luggage set and they had to be thrown in the trash. She was sorry to see them go.

Cut Out

the ugly writers
My brain swirled and then I realized I still needed to get ready for work, make a plan for cleaning up the disaster in my bathroom later on in the day and tell my boss that everything was fine. I about lost it when I realized I had to also call the local police and explain the serious misunderstanding. They might not even let this drop.

The Winter Cabin

ive years together and this is what we had come to. Silence while eating grilled cheese and tomato soup at the table in the cabin’s kitchen.

His Love Swung Low

the ugly writers
His love swung low Gathering me up Leaving nothing behind Broken pieces and busted edges Acknowledging my need to heal

Welcome to My Circus

the ugly writers
I am at a loss for words. I didn't even know what to do first. Where I should start? I slept in today. Oh, a glorious extra hour. I have been so tired, not sleeping well and I was reveling last night at even the idea of a much needed, long sleep. I don't know what I was thinking. I am a mother of 5.

When The Tears Fell

the ugly writers
When the tears fell the first time I wiped them as soon as they touched my cheeks When they fell again I wasn’t as quick to tend to the tears

An Evening With Dan Levy

The University of Iowa Lecture Series proudly hosted An Evening With Dan Levy via Zoom on Friday evening, April 9th, 2021. Advertised as a free offering online, 96,000 people expressed interest prior to the event. The servers crashed throughout the first 15 minutes, which not only delayed the evening but left many Lecture Series hopefuls discouraged and unable to tune in.

Fire Away

the ugly writers
To increase my speed Away From you From words That assail And hit Striking hot I won't return Never again


the ugly writers
It hurts more every day The tightness The grasp The hold Wondering when it will end If it will end

The Road Home

the ugly writers
Maybe there was something more Someplace where my mind could rest Where I wouldn't feel such constant flux A place where sleep would come easily But those roads lead to nothing I wanted


the ugly writers
Time seemed to pass so slowly Yet so quickly and I begged for more time It happens almost daily One touch will prompt me Even stop me in my tracks