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I love the changing of seasons. From winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to fall, and from fall to winter. A full circle of 4 Minnesota seasons, all meant to be enjoyed, explored, savored and experienced. I would have to honestly say that summer is my favorite season. I love to swim, hike, spend time outdoors. Minnesota is often hot by noon during the summer,  and the cooler evenings make for great meals on the deck,  fun times listening to music on restaurant patios and the desire for summer to never end.

Even though summer is what I enjoy the most, fall is actually what I look forward to, what I continually anticipate.  The drop in temperature.  Kids return to school. Fall work schedules return to normal. But it is also the magnificent display of colors as the leaves change and fall. It is pumpkins and gourds and front door wreaths. Apple cider and spiced rum. Bonfires and S’mores.  It is leggings and jeans and boots and gloves. Scarves and cute layered jackets. Fall is a wonder to behold here in the north. A season desired.

Spring is often viewed as a time of growth or rebirth. The flowers spring up with force from the ground, the trees bud and display the most beautiful green. The lilacs burst forth in fragrant blossoms. The grass fills in and displays a soft carpet of green. We pray for rain to nurture this beauty.

We enjoy nature and all that summer entails.  And fall temperatures arrive and those leaves show off their beauty before they begin to fall. When leaves fall, to me, they aren’t dying. They are letting go. They have provided their shade for the hot summer and shown us their glory in the change of colors. They let go of the old and then the trees slumber for the winter before this breathtaking cycle begins anew.

I believe there is beauty in letting go. Letting go of the hurt, of pain, of disappointment.  Of struggles, of broken relationships, of sorrow. Feelings of bitterness, longing, fear, resentment.  When we let go of the junk that burdens us, we are making a choice. A choice to make room for the things that make us smile, what brings us joy, what helps us grow, learn and give of ourselves.  We make room for thankfulness and gratitude.  We make room for love and adoration, for laughter and for happiness.

This fall, I plan to learn a lesson from the trees as they show me just how lovely it is to let things go.

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