About people hiding behind their masks – a great pretender, a person who pretends to be someone they are not, hinders themselves of true happiness. Surprisingly, some people who shy away from revealing themselves to others tend to be a diamond in the rough. Break the boundaries and show your true color. Chances are that there are genuine people who will love you for who you really are.


The Great Pretender


I once heard that you can only live in denial for so long

Pretending you are something that you are not, gets old

You start forgetting the lies you have told

And then begin to tell more lies to cover your tracks

When you aspire to grow up into a decent human being

No one ever says that they want to be the great pretender

They want to live a modest, humble, average life

When lies and deceit overtake you

That desired life seems to go by the wayside

Always something bigger and better and outstanding

It is all only a shiny facade

And all that glitters will surely rust and fade away

Tell the truth and be who you really are

Enable others to really know the real you

Avoid being the great pretender

It doesn’t benefit you

Plus, I have seen the glimmer of your genuine self

And I know I already like what I see


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