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Into You

Taking a chance with love is daunting. You risk it all without any promise of payout. Into You tells a story of breaking boundaries by leaving the comfort zone.

Taking a chance with love is daunting. You risk it all without any promise of payout. Into You tells a story of breaking boundaries by leaving the comfort zone.

Into You


I’ve been healed, I can not believe.
Never have I thought I’d be out of this grief.
Back from the start,
Here I am guarding my heart.

Until we started to become friends,
Although nothing has been said.
Beyond all the trickery,
You are the only truth that I see.

Then, I started to break my wall,
Anytime, I know I’m ready to fall.
But don’t get me wrong,
I’m not vulnerable.

I’m just eager to fight.
And fall from whatever height.
As long as everything is right,
And you won’t make me cry.

But I’m too scared to commit another mistake.
And I’m so careful with every step that I take.
I don’t want to ruin this single chance,
And screw up this thing that we have.

I know, I’ve never said any word,
But I hope I’ve never been absurd.
I don’t even want to demand,
I just wanted you so bad.

Please don’t be just like the rest.
However, I don’t want to expect.
I just need you to be you
and that’s the reason why I’m so into you.


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  1. Canoza Jeraldine
    Canoza Jeraldine

    If you really love someone, you’re ready to break the walls and rules you build for so many years. You became a risk-taker, even if that decision might hurt and not benefit you at the end of the day. Loving someone genuinely is a two-way process, it is all about growing together as an individual.

  2. Princess Mae Inopia
    Princess Mae Inopia

    Falling in love means taking risks no matter what it takes. Love is unexpected. You can’t deny nor escape because reality will haunt you. It doesn’t really matter if he/she doesn’t feel the same way just don’t expect for you to avoid being hurt. But pain is always part of falling in love so accept the consequence. Into you tells us to be patient enough to wait for someone who is really meant for us. Bacause one day he/she will also be into you.

  3. It’s okay to break the walls that you’ve made. You cannot define the word love without the word hurt! It’s part of the relationship to encounter up’s and downs, but what’s really important is you’re both willing to surpass it. Let’s forget and forgive all the people who brought some pain to us, because everything happens for a reason. In love you need to trust, sacrifice and to be contented for what you have.

  4. John Joseph Flores
    John Joseph Flores

    First you need to love your self then others.

  5. Francisco Nicanor Nitro
    Francisco Nicanor Nitro

    ” I just wanted you so bad” Can relate to that haha nice poem…

  6. Falling in love is so hard but sometimes you need to take some risks and gamble.

  7. Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos


  8. Ana Milen Dumaguing
    Ana Milen Dumaguing

    Love is really dangerous. It can easily break you.

  9. Dominador Jr. Costillas
    Dominador Jr. Costillas


  10. Eurica Mae Alevio
    Eurica Mae Alevio

    you don’t have to break all the rules. Enjoy love and know your limitations.

  11. Airiz Faye De La Cruz
    Airiz Faye De La Cruz

    The magic of love is really inescapable, it will come to you anytime, any where. So if you feel in love, go for it, fight for it even if there are bunch of things that hinders youuuu. hihi

  12. Genardine Mendoza
    Genardine Mendoza

    Fell inlove, shattered into pieces and move on.

    I’d choose falling inlove again in a hundred lifetimes, in a thousand moments, & in any version of reality.


  13. april chemish abaca
    april chemish abaca

    We break our own rules for someone. If we really love the person, it’s the unconditional love we are taking. We become selfless and take more risks even if it doesn’t meet our expectation.

  14. Marc Irvin Camba
    Marc Irvin Camba


  15. It’s a poem about a girl who has been broken once, and with that she made sure that she will build up walls to guard her heart. But then this person came and broke down those walls, she is falling and she likes it as long as everything’s alright and he won’t make her cry.

  16. Angela Luz Calayo
    Angela Luz Calayo

    If you really love someone you are willing to break the walls/barriers you created and start a new with that person.

  17. Sharvin Zacarias
    Sharvin Zacarias

    Love is unexpected!

  18. Love yourself first so you can receive the love you are giving to yourself because they see it on you.

  19. In our world, you cannot see what will happen next that’s why when you choose something then be afraid of it’s ending.

  20. Glarence Cammayo
    Glarence Cammayo

    be brave❤❤❤

  21. Sharina Lyn Naynes
    Sharina Lyn Naynes

    If you love someone, you open up your heart. You will take the risks

  22. You should learn how to love yourself first before others

  23. There is no love without risk, so never be afraid to take chances!.

  24. Aaron Joseph Dreje
    Aaron Joseph Dreje

    If you love someone genuinely, then you are ready to do everything for that person even if the consequences won’t favor you. Because the right way of loving someone is loving her/him selflessly.

  25. John Russell Rodriguez Rodriguez
    John Russell Rodriguez Rodriguez

    Just love yourself first before loving others that might hurt you

  26. Falling in love with someone means sacrificing even when it means breaking all the walls you build. You are willing to take them all down to give your all to that special someone.

  27. Klein Kenneth Bartolome
    Klein Kenneth Bartolome

    If you love some one you open up your heart!

  28. When love hit you, no matter how high your walls are, you’re ready to risk with all of the uncertainties. ✨

  29. Gian Glenn Baldomero
    Gian Glenn Baldomero

    Love yourself before others

  30. If you love somebody..just make sure thay you also love yourself

  31. Aliza Danielle Gonzales
    Aliza Danielle Gonzales

    This is me when I started falling from my crush (who is my boyfriend now). Really adored this poem.

  32. Immarence Del Castañeda
    Immarence Del Castañeda

    be a soldier and always conquer the love 💢💢💢

  33. Love this poem

  34. Charles Darwin Lado
    Charles Darwin Lado


  35. Princess Ruby Flores
    Princess Ruby Flores

    You really need to love yourself first before anyone

  36. Johaifah Sharif
    Johaifah Sharif

    Love yourself first

  37. jhowin Doloeras
    jhowin Doloeras


  38. Jermaine Clarize Vargas
    Jermaine Clarize Vargas

    Do what you make you happy… But first thing that you should do is to truly love yourself first…

  39. Karrenmae Navarro
    Karrenmae Navarro


  40. Love yourself.

  41. Erica Rose Bayog
    Erica Rose Bayog

    So Relatable. Great Work 😍😍😍

  42. Angela Constantino
    Angela Constantino


  43. truly that love will take away everything from you.

  44. Cyrel julian Pili
    Cyrel julian Pili

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