When She Cries

When She Cries

She was some kind of naive
She is so quiet indeed!
I always see her as perfect,
A woman of substance she is.
I never thought she was that strong,
Until trials come along.
We were helpless,
But there she was, praying relentless.
I saw her strength when things got ill
I thought she cannot stand still.
But there she was,
With all heads up.
She knows how to mask what she feels
But even if she does,
She can’t hide the fact
That she’s hurting inside
I seldom see her cry,
Maybe just once or twice
But when I see her teary-eyed,
My heart breaks every time.
When I see her cry,
I’m crying too inside.
But needs to fight
She needs someone to lean on this time.
When she cries,
Can’t help but be saddened too.
She was strong,
But at some point, I know she felt scared too.
When her mom died,
That’s the first time
I saw her cried.
She was so powerless that time.
Suddenly I thought,
She’s not only my mom
But has been a daughter somehow.
She wept, I cried too.
I just wish I could do something
To ease the pain that she is feeling.
Coz I know how somehow,
How painful it is.


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Dante Franz Lalata

Always think about the feelijg of others

Mark Angelo Dela Cruz

Nice poem

Bryan Balbiran

Bryan Paul B. Balbiran, CIV191, Art Appreciation, Lights, [MX]

Bryan Balbiran

Bryan Paul B. Balbiran, CIV191, Art Appreciation, Color, [MX]

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