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I can now laugh at it And see how we became stupid. I might see you again, But nothing remains.

Sigh. This now I can’t bear.
Feeling blank, staring nowhere.
Memories are fading.
Feelings ceasing.

No matter how I try,
There’s no more tears to cry.
Its all left behind.
No way to find.

I’m trying to bring back the feelings
The one I never saw coming.
There is nothing left,
I thought it was safely kept.

I looked back,
Still no luck.
It’s like erased memories,
I didn’t think it’ll be a breeze.

I thought I knew you.
You might be just another clue.
Maybe this is goodbye.
I know, I had a great time.

I’m sorry but this is the end.
And no matter how you try to mend,
Our chance is over.
Even if I get sober.

I can now laugh at it
And see how we became stupid.
I might see you again,
But nothing remains.

This numbness,
Might be part of another test.
I’m glad it has ended.
And here’s my message for you my friend.

Happiness is my only wish,
For you and your newfound princess.
And best wishes!

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  1. Andrea Fernandez
    Andrea Fernandez

    You deserve better!

  2. Always look at the brighter side ❤

  3. Mary Erica Gregorio
    Mary Erica Gregorio

    It will heal, everything takes time ❤️

  4. Cheer up! Life can be awful sometimes but you have to enjoy it. It’ll be fun.

  5. very nice article. focus on the positive side you deserve better

  6. Move forward. You will be happy soon.

  7. It’s true that being hurt deeply can make people numb and that numbness can make your world dark and empty.

    Cyrille Ann Dappit
    ACT 184

  8. Kevin Aldrin De Guzman
    Kevin Aldrin De Guzman

    Move forward, life is good. God is able.

  9. John Rey Dungca
    John Rey Dungca

    Smile believe in your supreme being.

  10. Macnell Joseph Panlaqui
    Macnell Joseph Panlaqui

    Move on and live life 🙂

  11. You deserve all the happiness!

  12. Let go of everything that affects you negatively, allow God to go on your way. You’ll be okay!

  13. Erika Yvette Lopez
    Erika Yvette Lopez

    Everything happens for some reasons, it may hurt for now. But you’ll always find a rainbow after some rain. Keep looking at the brighter side of what happened.

  14. Everyone deserves happiness. I hope you find yours. 🙂

  15. Justin James Siazon
    Justin James Siazon

    You can and you will ❤️

  16. There would be people who you think will be forever part of your life but they just happen to be the people who will teach you a valuable lesson. Happiness will always come at your doorstep in God’s perfect time. ❤

  17. Forgive everyone, learn to love and accept yourself. You deserve better.

  18. Everything will be fine. Be strong 🙂

  19. Let go of the past but keep the lesson. Create space for something better because God has a better plan for you.?

  20. They say, happiness comes after the pain. You’ll get there, eventually. Cheer up! ?

  21. Life goes on as it should be. And maybe one day, you will come to see that the one person you loved, you’ve let go with goodbye, will be the one asking why

  22. we have to accept that fate would be rough to us sometimes and once you have let someone in your life you also have be open to the idea that one day you have to let go.

  23. Your inner peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. Let it go and be happy!!

  24. Cheer up! You will be healed by our God. Everything that comes to us are challenges that makes us to be strong and be better. Just keep on moving and you will be fine.

  25. Letting go might be hard but it will be the best choice for both of you. Always remember that the pain you are experiencing now, will be the strength you will feel tomorrow.

  26. Jhozelle Tandaguen
    Jhozelle Tandaguen

    Everything happens for a reason. This might be the end of your relationship but this is not the end of you life. You must look in a brighter side of life and always think about yourself, you need to love yourself before you love others. It is not being a selfish, you are just giving your self a foundation for you to raise up when you are feeling down.

  27. April Ann Moselina
    April Ann Moselina

    Forget about it. Always start your day by not being bothered with mistakes.

  28. Princess Leah Banoy
    Princess Leah Banoy

    People come and go, everyone you meet has a purpose, and it could be good or bad, but it is up to how you are going to face and look at it. It may be hard and painful at first, but soon you’ll be just thankful that this happened to you 🙂 sabi nga ni Ariana “Thank you, Next!” God Bless! Fighting! A right person, at the right time, hold onto it!


    Some things aren’t just for you.

  30. there are a lot people that will come across our lives for some lesson but for different reason ? just let them go and see who stays.

  31. Everything happens for a reason. Be strong!

  32. Let go everything you deserve happiness.

  33. Everything happens for a reason, let go, forgive and enjoy the beauty of life ??

  34. Everything happens for a reason, let go, forgive, and enjoy the beauty of life. ??

  35. Hanna Jane Pelaez
    Hanna Jane Pelaez

    All of us has ideal version of ourself and the way we handle it. My ideal version is an everyday routine that I must show to other people in my surroundings in order for them to see that Im a strong person and to accept me . I need to be happy and joyful even-though not . I need to pretend that i’m strong for every circumstances that I’ve encounter. Those ideal self of mine has a huge differences with my real self . Literally, Im a weak person who’s always affected on words that they throwing to me.

    I want my real self more than my ideal self because I wanted to feel the acceptance of other people not in my ideal self but in the real self. It is more comfortable when the people in my surroundings accept me for who I really am and not for the pretending one .

  36. Angela Constantino
    Angela Constantino

    I can relate 🙁

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