Sigh. This now I can’t bear.
Feeling blank, staring nowhere.
Memories are fading.
Feelings ceasing.

No matter how I try,
There’s no more tears to cry.
Its all left behind.
No way to find.

I’m trying to bring back the feelings
The one I never saw coming.
There is nothing left,
I thought it was safely kept.

I looked back,
Still no luck.
It’s like erased memories,
I didn’t think it’ll be a breeze.

I thought I knew you.
You might be just another clue.
Maybe this is goodbye.
I know, I had a great time.

I’m sorry but this is the end.
And no matter how you try to mend,
Our chance is over.
Even if I get sober.

I can now laugh at it
And see how we became stupid.
I might see you again,
But nothing remains.

This numbness,
Might be part of another test.
I’m glad it has ended.
And here’s my message for you my friend.

Happiness is my only wish,
For you and your newfound princess.
And best wishes!

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