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the ugly writers
I’m not asking for permission, Acceptance is my mission. I can’t be wholly happy If I know I have hurt anybody.


the ugly writers
If we can be each other's destiny, If this is only all in my fantasy, Or if this has to end, For you my dear, this love I send.

Into You

the ugly writers
Taking a chance with love is daunting. You risk it all without any promise of payout. Into You tells a story of breaking boundaries by leaving the comfort zone.

Sorry, Despicable Me

the ugly writers
Sometimes, we blame ourselves thinking we failed to meet the expectations of others. And sometimes, by failing to meet such expectations, we just turn to be grateful towards ourselves despite our despicable imperfections.


the ugly writers
Independence, hard work and festivity beyond serenity, peace, and tranquility. All these are made from heaven, Thanking God for my haven.

When She Cries

the ugly writers
I saw her strength when things got ill I thought she cannot stand still. But there she was, With all heads up.

I Want To Be That Girl

the ugly writers
I wish I can be that girl he can be vulnerable with. The girl he’d say, “I love you” every single day. I wish I can be that girl he wants to shower with gifts, hugs, and kisses. The girl who constantly challenges him to become a better version of himself.

What are We?

the ugly writers
We're different from each other Yet, we are so fond of each other. Part of me hopes its real, But can't even admit what I feel.


the ugly writers
Solitude and Social Special and Crucial Multiple or can be Dual I wish I could heal.


the ugly writers
I can now laugh at it And see how we became stupid. I might see you again, But nothing remains.

What is Missing?

the ugly writers
I'd been here and there, But bitter is still what it tastes in the end. Why can't I get the best tasting ending? Where can I get that one of a kind ingredient?

Recommended Books for Teens

book recommendations
Our youth is our future. Thus, we need to make sure that we hone them with the right books to read. Books that can empower them to become the person that they dreamed of. Thus, here's some of our recommendation for our teenage youth to read.