In the middle of the night,
You keep yourself uptight.
You have no choice but to fight,
All your life will be your own flight.

Fly high, enjoy the lights,
This is what I’ve always wanted,
I’m feeling so enchanted.
Can’t even believe all these sights.

I’ve just dreamt about this,
But now, it’s just so bliss.
Cant’s believe I have it,
Thanking God he gave it.

Carefree but cautious.
Free but still knows what’s dangerous.
Able but still responsible,
Comfortable but still uncomfortable.

Independence, hard work and festivity
beyond serenity, peace, and tranquility.
All these are made from heaven,
Thanking God for my haven.

Sometimes easy, most of the time hard,
There are mishaps,
but happiness never laps.
Couldn’t even ask for more…SOLEDAD

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