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New Beginnings

For me, New Year means a new beginning. The start of my new journey. The start of taking risks and opening up opportunities.

It’s December 31, exactly at 11:59 PM, the last day of the year. The clock is ticking, one more minute and a new chapter will begin. Families gathered, foods were prepared, and the countdown begins. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and at exactly 12 midnight, everybody shouted “Happy New Year.” Everyone smiled at each other. They hugged, kissed, and greeted one another. The children were jumping hoping to get taller. Then, the family goes to the table and eat together with smiles on their faces.

But what does New Year means to us? To me? To everyone?

Can it be a year for a change? Or just another year to carry on living?

For me, New Year means a new beginning. The start of my new journey. The start of taking risks and opening up opportunities. Going to college and earning up a degree is a very long process. It needs a lot of hard work, efforts, determination, and patience. We may face a lot of obstacles in this journey but this doesn’t mean that we need to give up, but, it simply means that we need to stand up, chin up, and bravely face this test. A test that challenges our strength and determination in reaching our goals.

Seeing the smiling faces of the most important people in my heart made me realize that I want to make them all proud so I can always see those beautiful smiling faces. I admit I am an introvert. Shy, quiet, and calm. I am not showy but I can do things that make me happy. I am swallowed by my thoughts, thinking like changing myself and my actions to make them notice me. But, facing this new chapter made me realize that I don’t need change, I just need to make an improvement. And I think this improvement will make things better for myself and to the people around me. Change is inevitable, but I know that I’m happy and contented of who I am and who I can be.

My new beginning is the start of my journey to success. Just trust in yourself and also to Him, things will be always right. Always remember that life has full of ups and downs. Just trust in the process. Never give up and always have the courage to face those challenges. We may struggle in life but this will not be a hindrance in reaching our dreams, hence this would serve as a lesson we need to encounter in our lives. Because life starts at new beginnings.

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Shiela Mae Camagan

Shiela Mae Camagan

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  1. Its really do important to see struggles as a burning torch towards new beginning and experiences which we will learn that each of this experiences is something extraordinary.

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  3. Bagong umaga bagong pagasa. Lahat struggles, challeges, and journey sa buhay ay malalapagpasan mo din. Bagng taon, bagong pagasa.

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