the ugly writers


We sometimes associate certain places with a specific event in our lives. Behold such great childhood memories that never fade.
the ugly writers


We often fall short of appreciating the little thing. We need to learn how to be grateful to the things that truly matter. We have to look back and be grateful for everything.
the ugly writers

Victory in Surrender

Sometimes, we ought to be grateful for our losses. Losing someone is a defeat, but having known someone and having able to spend time with that person is a victory in surrender

Measuring Time

It is no surprise why people have been fascinated with measuring time for decades. It is the thing that gets us through the day. Maybe Bob Dylan was on to something when he warned us “the times they are a changing’.”
the ugly writers


Sometimes, letting go of a person, or even just memory of a person is painful. Similar to freeing a dragonfly. Setting free a dragonfly only to get bitten in the process.
the ugly writers

Liar Liar

I never want to be known as a liar.  Not at 10 or at 43. For sure not at 43.  Because I have learned my lesson. I never want to see that look of disappointment on anyone's face.